Dear Lettie,

I painted the concrete floor inside my house with Boysen Acqua Epoxy. Can I apply a Boysen Acrytex Clear topcoat on it? I want to give it more protection.

Thank you.

Boysen User C

Hi, Boysen User C.

Thanks for choosing Boysen Acqua Epoxy for your floor! This particular Boysen product is great for concrete floors as it is solvent-, chemical-, and stain-resistant. It’s actually a pretty popular choice for home garages. It also comes in a semi-gloss finish.

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Now, let’s talk about your question. The short answer to your inquiry is, unfortunately, no. You cannot apply Boysen Acrytex Clear Coat as a topcoat and there are a few reasons why.

First, Boysen Acrytex Clear Coat can only be applied on bare surfaces or surfaces painted with Acrytex products. So, it cannot be painted over Boysen Acqua Epoxy.

Second, Boysen Acqua Epoxy is more than enough as a topcoat on its own. Provided that you’ve followed the recommended surface preparation and painting schedule (you’ll find them here), your paint job should last for a good amount of time. No need for added protection from a clear coat.

As you did say you painted this inside your home, I’m guessing trucks and buses will not be driving over your Boysen Acqua Epoxy painted floors. Nevertheless, it’s still worth mentioning that this product is manufactured to withstand foot and light vehicular traffic, not heavy vehicles. It may not meet your expectations if it’s not used as intended.

Don’t forget that you also have to wait 3 days of curing time before your painted surface is fully ready for foot traffic. For heavy-duty applications, drying will take 7 days.

That’s it. I hope you’re happy with your newly painted floors! They should be good to go as they are—no need for a clear coat on top of it—so that’s less work and more money saved. Project finished!

Your painting partner,

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