Most of us can’t be bothered to make personalized Christmas gifts. Daily life takes up so much time as it is. And what if you’re all thumbs, have zero creativity, and lacking in imagination? Well, move on then and stop reading this post.

But if creating things appeal to you, you are willing to experiment, and you do have the time to make stuff, then continue reading. But first watch this video of Oliver making something for his be(a)stie.

Personalized Christmas Gifts

Did you ever have someone make something for you for Christmas? This topic reminds me of that ugly sweater that Darcy’s mother knitted for him in Bridget Jones’s Diary. Priggish Darcy’s sweater was uglier than this cutie’s.

Give Personalized Christmas Gifts Made by You to Your Best Friends

Actually, these days you can find crafty people or companies who can make personalized gifts for your loved ones. Just surf the internet and you should get loads of search results.

I’m proud to say though that a friend of mine baked a high fiber whole wheat bread from scratch for a bunch of us. A big thanks to you, Mikelele! That first healthy bite after misa de gallo hit the spot!

More Christmas Videos

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Give Personalized Gifts Made by You to Your Best Friends
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We’ve got more Christmas videos in our archives. But before you start watching more, why don’t you think about making something for your besties using your own two hands?



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