Have you heard of Boysen Bug Off? It’s an innovative anti-insect paint and here’s how it can be useful to pet owners too.

Boysen Bug off for Pet Owners

Unfortunately, spots at home where pets hang around can also be areas that are enticing to insects. Our beloved animal companions and their food and waste can attract all manner of bugs, particularly nasty pests.

In situations like this, getting rid of the bugs can be trickier. Traditional pest control methods like spraying insecticide and poisoned bait can pose harm to furry family members.

Enter Boysen Bug Off! This paint product silently and effectively kills insects with contact. A bug lands on a Bug Off painted surface and, after a short time and depending on the size of the insect, it drops dead. It’s simple and fuss-free.

If seeing pests around your pets is a problem, try painting Bug Off on the walls of where your dog or cat usually lounges or sleeps. It may just be the solution you’ve been looking for.

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How Bug Off Works

Bug Off is a Boysen paint product with insect-killing capabilities. It has been scientifically proven to safely and silently kill disease-causing insects like mosquitoes, houseflies, and other common household pests in the Philippines.

When an insect lands on a Bug Off painted surface, pyrethroids—a compound similar to those found in chrysanthemum flowers—formulated in the paint start to take effect on the insect’s nervous system and kills it.

Boysen Bug Off is effective against harmful insects like mosquitoes, houseflies, and most cockroaches including the American cockroach which you may already regularly encounter at home.

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Bug Off FAQs for Pet Owners

1. Is Bug Off safe for humans?

Boysen Bug Off is formulated with low amounts of pyrethroids, enough to kill insects but harmless to other members of the household, including pets. The compound cannot be inhaled as they are firmly embedded in the paint once dry.

Passing dermal tests, the wet paint is scientifically proven safe by laboratories at the University of the Philippines Los Baños. It’s also certified by the Philippine Food and Drug Administration. And, just like other Boysen paints, Boysen Bug Off is non-toxic, mercury-free, and lead-safe.

2. Is Bug Off safe for pets?

It’s safe for mammals (such as dogs and cats!) and reptilian pets. However, as a safety measure, keep all pet insects and arachnids away from Bug Off painted walls. It’s also unsafe for aquatic creatures in large doses.

3. How long does Bug Off last?

Bug Off’s insect-killing properties can last for at least 2 years.

4. Is Bug Off effective on ants, spiders, moths, and other kinds of insects?

While no tests have been conducted on ants and spiders, surfaces painted with Bug Off have been shown to repel the presence of ants and spider webs.

5. When does the anti-insect technology become effective?

It becomes effective the moment the paint dries! To reiterate, the insect would need to come in contact with the painted surface for it to be killed.

6. What color and finish is Boysen Bug Off?

Bug Off comes in white with a flat finish. If you would like to create light to pastel shades, mix in Boysen Latex Colors.

7. Can Bug Off be painted on other surfaces such as floors and furniture?

No. Bug Off is only intended for concrete walls, drywalls, ceilings, and properly primed wooden walls.

8. Does Bug Off give off a strong odor associated with insecticides?

Though low in VOC, Bug Off is not completely odorless. The ventilation needed during the drying time is the same as ordinary emulsion paint application. Make sure that the paint has thoroughly dried and the painted room has been properly ventilated before moving in.

Want to learn more about Boysen Bug Off? Head to BugOffPaints.com.


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