If you’re searching for bedroom painting ideas, then take this quiz and find out what color palette for your bedroom would best fit your taste. This is an easy and fun way to understand your style much better for the most personal space in your home. 

Decorate your ideal bedroom and we’ll recommend a color palette that suits your choice of soft furnishings and bedroom décor. 

Click on one of the four photos in a group that appeals to you the most.

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Choose the bedding.

Pick a chair.

Choose a curtain.

Add an accessory.

Pick a desk.

Choose a headboard.

Pick a nightstand.

Choose a little extra something.

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  1. Avatar

    I don’t know how accurate this quiz is, but I really love the outcome of the color, suitable for what I really want. I really love this shade of blue but then I notice that most of my things are all grey. 😍 so this color combination is perfect. I LOVE IT!

    • Annie H Adlawan

      We’re happy you enjoyed the quiz, Dara. There will be more quizzes we’ve lined up for our readers like you. If you want a quick update of what goes on in the blog, do please subscribe. You can just leave your email address on the right side of this blog, and hit the green “Subscribe” button. Enjoy your blue!

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