I don’t remember how many times I got obsessed with celebrity pairings. As a fangirl and a hopeless romantic, I commit my time, money, and energy to these love teams to get a glimpse of what I believe is love. I always cling to hopes that whatever they have is true and will last forever because how in the world can they look at each other that way and say it’s purely showbusiness? I don’t get it.

People like me probably are the reason why Filipino love teams are thriving. We know most of it isn’t real but you can’t blame us, we love feeding the butterflies in our stomachmay it be vicariously. We crave stories of love. And in times of uncertainties, or in any other moments for that matter, love is always a good thing to believe in.

Relive the Kilig Moments With These Studio B Love Teams

We listed down four of the greatest love teams from each generation that made us believe, at least once in our lifetime, and root for a love that conquers all. Prepare the popcorn and the feels.

James Reid and Nadine Lustre

What started as purely business blossomed into something special. James and Nadinetheir reel to real love team more popularly known as JaDinecatapulted into one of the big 3 pairings from their home station with their unfiltered chemistry while keeping their individuality shine through. Fans first saw their spark on a music video they starred together before reuniting for their first film, Diary ng Panget. What happened after that, as we all know, is history.

P.S. Raise your hand if you think they should get back together. Raise both hands, please.

Watch them in: Diary ng Panget, This Time

Angelu de Leon and Bobby Andrews

Studio B Watchlist: Generations of Love Teams | MyBoysen

Who would ever forget about Peach and Wacks and their sweet and youthful magic that made us want what they have? According to one interview, their love team was never planned. Angelu was supposed to be partnered with another cast member but one particular scene from a popular youth-oriented show back then changed the whole game. It received an overwhelming reaction from fans and the writers just knew it was the start of something bigger than life.

Watch them in: Ang Lahat Ng Ito’y Para Sa’yo, Laging Naroon Ka, Wala Na Bang Pagibig, Ikaw Na Sana, TGIS The Movie

Judy Ann Santos and Wowie de Guzman

Studio B Watchlist: Generations of Love Teams | MyBoysen

They were the love team of the masses back in the ’90s. Judy Ann and Wowie’s appeal lies in their raw acting and natural chemistry that has the audience believing that a love like that could happen in real life too. Their irresistible chemistry in front and behind the camera landed them film after film. On why their pair-up worked: they could be your newlywed next-door neighbor, your childhood dream team, or your campus couple whom everyone adores and hope to last forever. They could also be you.

Watch them in: My Pledge Of Love, Dito Sa Puso Ko

Sharon Cuneta and Gabby Concepcion

Studio B Watchlist: Generations of Love Teams | MyBoysen

The original one true pairing (OTP), they were the height of romance back in their time. The Sharon-Gabby love team swept the Philippine cinema from their very first on-screen pair-up in 1981 up until their dream wedding that got everyone hopeful of a happy ever after. Unfortunately, the couple split up, leaving millions of their fans heartbroken. Nonetheless, they remain good friends up to this day.

Their romance proves that an end of a relationship doesn’t always have to be the end of the story. That you can always start again and continue loving the other person in a different light.

Watch them in: The Best of Sharon and Gabby, PS I Love You, Bakit Ikaw Pa Rin, Sa Hirap at Ginhawa, Tayong Dalawa, Una Kang Naging Akin, Pati Ba Pintig Ng Puso

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