The ENABLE palette of  the Boysen Color Trend 2019 exudes that positive, dynamic energy that could uplift any space and heighten its positive vibes. The combination of light neutrals with saturated chroma colors gives a contemporary look to interiors.

ENABLE Color Palette in Boysen Color Trend 2019

ENABLE Color Palette in Boysen Color Trend 2019

Creating a Boysen Color Trend involves a lot of research on social, economic, political trends in the different areas of human endeavor – like fashion, product design, political and social issues, and so on. That is the jump-off point for the Boysen Color Team.

For the palette ENABLE, here are some photos of interior inspirations to acquaint you with how these Boysen paint colors could look in your homes. Move the slider left or right.

Living Room Color Ideas

Why is Planet Earth called the Blue Planet? It’s all that water in our planet, bodies of oceans and seas which comprise about 70% of the whole area. From outer space, our home planet looks like a blue marble or blue dot. Enticing and beautiful.

The Planet Earth inspiration photo has the colors of Key Influencer, Crystal Gems and Truth Be Told. These colors are echoed in the living room on the right photo with the intense Key Influencer on the wall. The white furnishings balance the intensity of the wall color.

Tip: If you are dealing with dark paint colors, you can also just use these on your accent walls to keep the visual balance in a space. 

Kitchen Color Ideas

2 Enable Collaborate and Uplift Communites2 Enable Kitchen Pink Pixel

The Boysen ENABLE color palette celebrates the use of technology to connect humankind so that we can protect our planet.

One of the places in a home where interconnection takes place is the kitchen. The bright deep yellow of Emoji Master and the hot pink of Pink Pixel work well together. In this kitchen photo inspiration, the combination shows a vibrant and lively area where people can come together.

A kitchen is a fitting place for collaboration, like when preparing meals for the family or just having a social interaction.

Read this article to see more inspirations for the use of bright and vivid colors in the kitchen. This article can show you how to use the ENGAGE palette of Boysen Color Trend 2019.

Tip: Pinoys look at meals as social affairs and not just as nutritional activities. Do you have enough space in your kitchen for a small dining table? If yes, bring in a table and chairs and you’ve got yourself a dine-in kitchen.

Bedroom Color Ideas

Enable Bedroom - Connect for a better worldEnable Bedroom - Connect for a better world

Experiment and look for other painting ideas for children’s bedrooms. It does not have to be the usual pink walls for daughters and blue walls for sons. Play with other colors.

Colorful bedrooms are fun and welcoming, not only for kids but also your visitors, if you have the luxury of having an extra room to use as a guest room.

Tip: Ask your kid what colors he or she would like to see on the wall of his/her bedroom. If you don’t have the natural talent to combine colors, just go visit the Boysen Color Trend website and see the different palettes. Also click on the past trends because they are still as relevant today.

Color Ideas for a Social Space

Enable Technology in Service of manEnable Technology in Service of man

The cool blue of Fresh Queue painted on walls of homes or even offices, can give a very relaxing ambience. So think about the use of the room for which you want this paint color on the wall? Or better yet, what kind of feeling do you want to evoke when someone enters the space? Do you want it to feel spacious, airy and light? Try Fresh Queue.

Tip: If you are tired of white, off-white or beige walls, use Fresh Queue or Crystal Gems. These colors bring a cool, relaxed vibe and are easy to match with other colors that you may want to use for your furniture and accessories. Look at this infographic to help you create the perfect color story in your spaces.

Technology and Previous Boysen Color Trends

The impact of technology in human lives and our environment is the trend that the Boysen Color team considered for this color palette.

Since we started Color Trend in 2015, this recurring theme has been the inspiration for many of the trending palettes. There is NATURIST in Boysen Color Trend 2015, where we felt the need to honor Planet Earth.

In Boysen Color Trend 2016, we went all out and made all four color palettes – RECHARGE, RENEW, RECREATE, and REALM – about man’s relationship with Mother Earth.

TECHNOLOGY in Boysen Color Trend 2017 speaks about the colors we see in the digital world and how these have been integrated into the everyday things that surround us in interior design and architecture, home accessories and furniture design, product design like in gadgets, and fashion.

In Boysen Color Trend 2018, technology was not at the forefront but its impact on the color palettes are discernable through how we human beings live our lives, especially in the BE HERE palette with its organic, earth colors.

If you know what colors you want, go to any Mix and Match Station close to you and get those colors so you can start painting your living spaces.



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