BE HERE is a palette of organic, subdued colors of mauves, green and neutrals. But then surprisingly, there is that punchy yellow that’s as bright and intense as the sun, the giver of life. These are colors that remind us to cherish nature. I love the names of the colors too because they appeal so much to the imagination! Root Crop. Forest Ranger. Gypsy Train. Yellowstone Park. Marble Chalk. Night Watch.

BE HERE: Colors that Remind Us to Cherish Nature
Disclaimer: These colors may not exactly match actual paint

Imagine if your walls are painted with one or two of these colors and you have the rest as the colors of your furnishings. It would be like bringing nature into your homes and you’re not limited to green! Read about the 60-30-10 rule of interior designers to help you decide on what colors to use to decorate your nest.

BE HERE of Boysen Color Trend 2018 is my most favorite palette this year because it reminds me of sweet summer days spent close to nature. It resonates so much with me that I made a moodboard and wrote an article about the colors. To those of you who used to spend your summers in the probinsiya, maybe the article would remind you of your own nature discoveries.

Growing up, when I wasn’t a workaholic yet, I used to spend my free time being out and about in the outdoors. I got so dark that my classmates didn’t recognize me when school started. It wasn’t fashionable to be dark then, just like it isn’t now. But I didn’t care and I still don’t. In fact, it is still a big ambition of mine to become a beach bum!

Here’s a new video for you, made especially by our blog designer Mirz, before she left for Oz, presumably to do her own nature trips somewhere Down Under.

Photos that Inspire Us to Cherish Nature

I’d like to share some beautiful nature photos that echo some of the colors in the BE HERE palette.

BE HERE: Colors that Remind Us to Cherish Nature
Photo by Joshua Wilking
BE HERE: Colors that Remind Us to Cherish Nature
Photo by Igor Starkov
BE HERE: Colors that Remind Us to Cherish Nature
Photo by Jason Leung
BE HERE: Colors that Remind Us to Cherish Nature
Photo by Alexandru-Bogdan Ghita

Earth = Home

Two of my favorite channels are Nat Geo and BBC. Films about nature, the environment, animals, all living creatures, big and small – I find so interesting. My favorite broadcaster, television presenter and naturalist is David Attenborough. If there’s one guy who knows how to cherish nature, it’s him. Every time I hear his voice, I immediately think that I better watch because that would definitely be interesting and a lot of fun.

He turned 92 in May. Oh no! I haven’t found a worthy successor. Just in case you’re wondering what I’m talking about, go to those two channels mentioned or Netflix, or even maybe YouTube, and watch The Blue Planet, Planet Earth, Wildlife Specials, Natural World…the list is extensive.

I can’t really let this opportunity pass, guys, so I’m going to put this video here and hope you watch it. Do your bit to cherish nature and save the planet!


Annie is the Managing Editor of Let it B | MyBoysen Blog. An unrepentant workaholic, she runs this blog and her own company Talking Lions ( She thrives on collaborating with people who are good at what they do, and working together with them to create something special. Annie learned interior styling while managing her own wholesale business in the Netherlands, importing high-end, handmade home furnishings to stock four outlets and a showroom in the country.

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