We always hear that one saying: “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!” Well, not in here you don’t. If you don’t like what you’re seeing, maybe it’s time to renovate the kitchen. Or you know, cook something delish to calm you down.

Kitchens have always been a safe space to blow off some steam and put all your mixed emotions into something worthwhile (read: chocolate chip cookies.) Making food is always a good idea except for when you don’t feel the kitchen atmosphere. Maybe you don’t like how the stove is placed or how plain the colors of the walls are. The point is, the overall mood of a place affects how people see and do things. We don’t want half-hearted cookies so start thinking about renovations and repainting as we go along.

Find refuge in your kitchen with these bright and eye-catching paint ideas that are as passionate as your cooking.

Kitchen paint inspirations for your next makeover

The bold and playful energy the ENGAGE Palette radiates might be a little too much for the minimalists but not for you! Live loud and speak out loud with these strong and fiery hues.

Boysen Introduces Color Trend 2019 in Interior & Design Manila


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Go big or go home! When someone says you can’t have a red kitchen, paint away and post it on Instagram. Life is too short to always be in the back seat, take over and paint Red Thunder all over.


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The striking combination of black and gold goes a long, long way. In interior design, black walls paired with golden details give the room a modern and dramatic ambiance. Imagine cooking your family’s signature dish in this fancy Back in Black walled kitchen…perfection. I bet everyone’s going to ask for a second plate… or a third… fourth… fifth… we could do this all day, you know.


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Add a pinch of that orange glow on your kitchen walls and feel your mood skyrocket. The sunny Sunset March accent wall in here adds depth and drama to the simplicity of this kitchen. Orange is the new black they say, I think they’re right. Check out here to know how to use the color orange to brighten up the other rooms in your home sweet home.


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Who says yellow can’t be moody? This 70’s inspired kitchen lets you play on the usually bright and airy color to make it seem like you just took a trip down memory lane. Look back and reminisce in this room painted in Liberty Bloc. Who else here misses their mom’s buko pie?


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The flexibility of the many shades of grey runs not only in one area but across the entirety of the home. This modern and minimalist space in Earnest Envoy, in the living room, the dining area, and the kitchen works if you crave for that simple yet sophisticated hub that is always welcoming of guests – better with freshly baked chocolate cake on the side.


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In a space filled with greens and morning sunshine, neutrals are a friend. Paint your kitchen walls with the warmth of Common Ground and then enjoy lazy Sundays looking at lush greens with a cup of hand-roasted coffee in your hand. Friendly reminder, be careful not to overdo it or else your space will look muddy.

Set the room on fire!

But not literally.

Embrace your boldness and engage yourself in whatever sets your heart on fire.

Prefer the soft and the calm? Check out the other equally engaging palettes from the Boysen Color Trend 2019.


Jess is a copywriter who brushes up on her paint knowledge daily. Together with Boysen professionals, she makes the technical stuff easier to digest. When she’s not writing, she searches the internet for the latest dessert bar.

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