Here’s a cheat sheet on how to create a perfect color scheme. This is so useful not only for those who have no clue how to combine colors, but also for those who are good at it, and those who would like to move beyond the simple color combinations to more sophisticated schemes.

How to Create a Perfect Color Scheme

International color experts, who help Boysen and other global paint companies make the palettes in their annual color trends, have very high academic credentials in design, color psychology, and color physics. These experts help all kinds of companies, not only paint companies, with their branding or product development.

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Feature image:  “Goethe’s symmetric colour wheel with associated symbolic qualities (1809).” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was a German writer, artist and statesman, who published a treatise entitled the Theory of Colors in 1810. He was the first to explore the psychological impact of colors on mood and emotion.


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