Let’s go technical. Paint technical, that is. And what better way to do this than to use Lettie and her Paint TechTalk.

Lettie started in mid-August 2022. Her task is to talk about real-life questions we get from customers, and the answers we give them. We can’t cover everything, of course, since we do get thousands of inquiries through our social media channels as well as through telephone calls straight to our technical team.

We chose frequently asked questions, and to date, we just have 7 posts with a Q&A. Still, I think it is interesting to note what top 3 posts got the most views from our readers. Click on the images if you want to read the original posts.

Where to Buy 200 mL Boysen Color Sample

Paint TechTalk with Lettie: “Saan Ako Makakahanap ng 200 mL Boysen Color Sample?”

Two answers.

One, visit Boysen’s The Color Library is located at MOA Square Level 2, SM Mall of Asia Complex—just a few steps away from IKEA.

Two, shop online via the Boysen website—https://www.boysen.com.ph/buyOnline.do?selectedGroup=colorSamples. Just click on the link and add to cart.

The Difference Between Boysen Elasti-kote and Titan Superflex

Paint TechTalk with Lettie: What’s the Difference Between Boysen Elasti-kote and Titan Superflex?

Use Boysen Elasti-kote for medium to high-rise buildings, and Titan Superflex for residential and commercial structures. Take note, however, that both products are not waterproofing.systems.

What Paint to Use for a Metal Trellis

Paint TechTalk with Lettie: What Paint Should I Use for My Metal Trellis?

There are 3 Boysen products you can use:

  1. Boysen Quick Drying Enamel
  2. Boysen Acqua Epoxy
  3. Boysen Roofgard

Depending on the features you want, you can choose the right paint for your needs. Click on the image above to get you to the post so you can read about the advantages of each product. Or, you can click on the product links directly to get to the product page.

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