Are you a fan of DIY upcycling? Watch how Bea upcycled a can and turned it into a table lamp for her work space.

Most people don’t have the time, talent, or interest to upcycle things. But for others, this is as natural as breathing.

Upcycling is one way to help the planet. We don’t need to add to the landfills that are becoming so full that we need to find more land to dump our garbage in.

I find it hopeful to read about how the Gen Z are designing their homes with sustainability as a priority. With their strong sense of environmental responsibility, they use secondhand furniture and upcycle vintage pieces as decor.

Upcycling requires thinking out of the box and being creative. Just because it started as a can, it doesn’t have to be a can in its next life. Don’t let the present form of things be a limitation. If it can function as something else, give it a go.

The Boysen Can

The Boysen can is the easiest to upcycle. We see it all over the country. When it’s empty, people reuse it for something else. The cans don’t even have to have work done to it.

Here’s one that you may be familiar with.

And why not? The Boysen can is very durable so repurposing makes sense.

I’ve seen these cans being used as flower pots, parking bollards, garbage cans, water containers in laundry areas. If you’ve seen other uses, send photos to

Other Upcycling Ideas

Speaking of flower pots, here’s a video tutorial that used empty Boysen cans into a vertical bucket garden.

Eclectic Garden: Vertical Bucket Garden (VIDEO)


Here are more upcycling ideas that we came up with over the years:

Think out of the box and tap into your creativity if you want to upcycle. If you have other ideas, just drop us a line below.

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