For this episode, Kriz goes shopping for mangoes and picks up a used crate to turn into an ottoman. Watch another painting idea and follow the easy instructions.

Boysen Oil Wood Stain is a solvent-based stain that adds color to any wooden surface while providing superior protection to cabinets, furniture, or paneling. Prepare your surface properly and brush this along the grain on bare wood. This product is for things that are found inside the house.

If you want a product that can withstand exterior use, get yourself a can or two of Boysen Xyladecor. Click on the link to see the tutorial. Boysen Xyladecor can be for interior and exterior use.

Back to crates. Make sure you prepare the surfaces very well – hammering down loose wooden planks, sanding, puttying, cleaning, and just making sure that your crate is sturdy before you proceed with staining it.

More DIY Video Tutorials

We’ve got more DIY video tutorials on revamping small furniture.

Some interior designers favor investing on large furniture, and using inexpensive alternatives for accent furniture. But if you think you would be able to tackle also big pieces very well knowing your DIY skills, go for it, and do share it with us in the comment section below.

Our very first DIY Diva Danica painted three pieces of furniture to spruce up what was an otherwise unwelcoming condo when she moved to another city for work.

Paint gives your space a lot of punch for a small price. If you are a DIYer, so much the better, and make it a labor of love. For those of you who are moving to a new dormitory, a rented condo, apartment, house, do remember this tip. Make your life colorful from the get-go, and stamp your space with your unique signature.

The Sunny SeatLemon Yellow Chair

Why stay with dreary brown when you can easily make your painting idea a reality? Get more sunshine into your home and paint old furniture lemon yellow! Change the upholstery to match your chair.

Stack Those Crates


Another crate craft is brought to you by Alex when she upcycled several crates by stacking them to make a shelf. Choose sturdy crates that are dry and in good condition. Your neighborhood fruit stand will be happy to give you some for a small price.

Shelfie Time

bracket for shelf

This is one of the easiest DIY projects. You just need a few brackets and some wooden planks to make floating shelves. The difficulty would be in aligning your brackets on your wall, using wall anchors, the right screws which are long enough to hold the shelves in place.

Don’t overload your shelf!

Some of us (me included) don’t like to drill holes in our walls. If this is the case, better try the crate shelf.

Cool Coat Rack

painting an old skateboard

Skateboarders, do you have an old one you don’t use anymore? Don’t get rid of it. Instead, make a cool coat or back rack with it! Click on the photo above to see how Max makes one.

There are many more DIY tutorials and painting ideas for small furniture or accent pieces. Click this link and search for something that you feel like making for your own home.

If you have questions about how to go about your DIY project, send an email to If you want to discuss it with someone and have your answers quickly, call (02) 8363-9738 local 417 to 418 during office hours and talk to our Technical Team.


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