I just finished watching a Korean sci-fi flick that made me realize once again how good we have it still despite the longer and longer water interruptions in some parts of our cities. Imagine having to live in a world with a global drought and harsh rationing measures based on merit prescribed by powers that be.

There are so many gloomy, depressing, and dystopian films that are available these days. That is, if you don’t want to watch violence, mayhem, and zombies populating our planet. Skewed algorithms must be the reason why they find their way to me, because I do prefer happy ha-ha movies that have depth to them.

Why am I talking about this anyway? It’s part of my convoluted thinking that gets me from A to whatever. In this case, the whatever is top American industrial designer Scott Henderson’s take on the design trends of 2023. More accurately, his words were the starting point.

…It’s not just any outdoor space we crave though – we want them muddy, foggy and damp – probably related to our fears of a dried up, cracked and dusty planet baked relentlessly from global warming. Enter the mist-covered forest as a backdrop for powerful inspiration. The trend resulting here will be designs that evoke thoughts of water and the well-hydrated- sparkling purity that symbolizes health and vitality. Fresh from the pool, ocean or lake – the wetter the design looks, the better it will sell.

How can we bring water and its associations with “sparkling purity” in our homes?

Ombre Walls

Ombre walls are an oldie but a goodie. Click here to see the video tutorial on how you can make an ombre wall.

Water as Inspiration | MyBoysen
Modern living room in house with contemporary interior design with mountain mural on the wall.

The ombre wall treatment has been around for a few years now so if you are a trend geek, you may want to go for something else, like a mural of a misty mountain. Use natural water and forest landscapes as inspiration.

Shades of Blue for Your Walls

Scott Henderson does not go for sun and palm trees. For him, “a roaring campfire on a mist-covered beach with mini-pitons cutting through the foggy surf is so much more intriguing.”  He prefers “the complimentary colors of the orange flame contrasted against the blue-gray fog,” and thinks that we would want to “brave inclement elements with the goal of warming up afterwards – cupping our mug of soup with both hands as the lactic acid tingles in our limbs.”

Colors for this would be brooding blues, grays, and charcoal, with tiny touches of orange or copper. Also go for silver decor as a symbol of water’s sparkling purity.

Take note though that he talks about product design and not interior design. But this does not stop me anyway from taking inspiration from his trend forecast. Having said that, we made a mood board for you to give you ideas on how you can achieve a design for your home with water as inspiration.

Sample Mood Board with Water as Inspiration

Water as Inspiration | MyBoysen

Here is a sample mood board that you can use for your home if you love broody blues and grays with orange accents. Please note that we veer away from primary colors and go for the subdued tones, using secondary or tertiary colors to create a more sophisticated ambience.

All the paint colors are available in the Boysen Mix and Match Stations found nationwide. Click on this link to find the location closest to you. Colors will differ depending on the digital device you use. Make sure you ask the Boysen dizer to show you a fan deck so you check the color swatch first before you finalize your purchase.

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