Marriage is not the end goal of a relationship. Rather, marriage only marks the beginning of a lifetime of love and commitment. As with marriage, the spring season is all about transformation and new beginnings. Awakened by the warmth of the sun, slumbering seeds push out their soft, green tendrils through the hardened earth. Can you imagine walking down the aisle in a burst of blooming spring flowers? Spring is here, and we’re showing you our recommended Spring wedding color palette to go with it.


A lot of couples are opting for e-invites nowadays as it can be more convenient and easier to track. However, for your big day, it’s still great to have a couple of actual printed invites for your same-day edit video and as a keepsake. Set the tone for a Spring Awakening theme by dotting your invites with colorful floral blooms. Do you have room to splurge? Why not go for pressed dried flowers for your invites?

Bridal Bouquet

Add a striking contrast to your beautiful ivory bridal gown by donning a burst of fresh blooms as your bouquet. Pick colors and flowers that just scream SPRING! Opt for pops of bright coral and sweet yellow flowers, enveloped in cool green leaves and dainty baby’s breaths.

Bridal Veil

Did you know there are ateliers that can make custom veils? Why not integrate lovely hand-crocheted flowers in a myriad of colors on yours? It’s a wonderful and unique surprise for both your guest and soon-to-be husband as you walk down the aisle.

Event Styling

If you can, opt for wooden chairs and tables to add to a more rustic, nature vibe for your wedding reception. Decorate the tables with fresh blooms and colorful glass goblets to make it picture perfect. Not only will your guests have a sumptuous feast for their stomach, but for their eyes as well.

Spring Wedding Color Palette

spring Color Palette

Check out our recommended color palette above for a spring-themed wedding! Pick any of these 5 lovely shades to be your main motif. Dress your entourage in a combination of these hues to create a contrasting effect that’s perfect for photos.

Bring It Home

Wedding Color Palette: Spring is Here! | MyBoysen

After a full year (or more!) of intense wedding planning, all you guys probably want to do is plop down at home and unwind. Create a fresh and uplifting vibe in your house with the same color palette that you used for your wedding. Ride that newly wed high! For interior repainting, we suggest Virtuoso Silk Touch. Not only is it formulated to be easy clean, but it’s also antibacterial and essentially free from those nasty paint odors.

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Feature image by Brigitte Tohm on Unsplash 


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