On June 14, we posted a survey asking you to vote for your favorite interior styles. Thank you to the 10,000+ people who joined the survey, and also to those who saw it but didn’t participate. If this is your first time to see it and you haven’t done the survey yet, please take the time to tick your faves. The photos make the activity enjoyable and inspiring, especially if you are looking for paint ideas, color palettes and interior design inspirations.

As promised, we are showing you below the top 3 interior styles you have chosen after a month has gone by.

Your Top 3 Interiors

Out of 20 interior styles, these are the top 3. They have different interior styles – Number 1 is New Nordic, number 2 is Minimalist Modern, and the third is Classic Rustic.

Number 1: New Nordic

New Nordic Interior

It seems that the ‘scandi” style is veering away from being primarily white to something with color. That’s the basic change, since the old and new styles are both functional, minimalistic and simple.

Introducing the new interior design trend for 2019: New Nordic. Impressive, isn’t it, that those of you who chose the above photo and made it number 1 are right on the nose. You’re really up-to-date with your interior design trend taste!

We at Boysen couldn’t be more pleased because the image above is taken from the ENLIGHTEN palette of Boysen Color Trend 2019! Click on this link to see more painting ideas on how the color palette can work in interiors.

Boysen Introduces Color Trend 2019 in Interior & Design Manila

How to Steal the New Nordic Look

Whereas the “scandi” color is primarily white – walls, ceilings and even floors -the New Nordic follows a new direction and that is using light and warm neutrals.

1   Use warm neutrals instead of white. People are becoming more color savvy and less fearful of experimenting with paint ideas in their homes.

You can actually use even lighter colors than what is in the ENLIGHTEN palette. Here are more color suggestions:

New Nordic Suggested Palette

2  Walls are now considered decor so another painting idea is actually not using paint but a product called Konstrukt, which can give your walls a cement finish.

If you use white or grey cement, then that would be the color of your walls. The tactile surface gives the room an additional interesting feature.

Modern Kitchen Loft

3  Use natural materials, like wood, worn leather or ceramic, in your home furnishings.

Rattan and wicker are definitely trending now. Since we have masterful craftsmen in the country, take advantage of our local products and buy Filipino.


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4  Add plants.


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Nothing is more natural than plants so fill up your interiors with greenery. For your planters, you can also buy Filipino. These woven rattan baskets are chic and rustic. If you buy one, you will also help our local weavers earn a living!

Not very sure how to decorate your home with plants? Click on how to create a green living space and get more inspiration.

5  Bring in that Scandinavian hygge with cozy area rugs and fabrics.


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Texture adds depth and interest to a room. For the New Nordic, we want textures that evoke warmth, coziness and comfort. Have an area rug that is warm and comfortable to walk on, especially if your floor is hard and cold like ceramic or stone tiles, or marble. Although if we are going to be stickler in following Scandinavian design, wood is usually the material used for floors.

Also think about the fabric for your pillows, throws, drapes, and even sofa if you opt to have that covered in fabric too.

Number 2: Modern Minimalist

Was it the black and white combination that made you click on this photo? Or was it the cat ??

The black and white combination is always a winning one. It is a classic that has been around for decades and will be staying. Read Black List for inspiration on how to make this paint idea work for you.

Boysen has several black and white paints that you could use. Here are a few:

Modern Minimalist Suggested Palette

The photo above comes second in the survey. It is unapologetically modern. The shiny surfaces like the brass lamp and the mirror table top, glass cabinet doors, even the TV, reflect light around the room and balance the black cabinets. The wooden paneling adds a natural and warm feel to what could otherwise be a cool space. Add to that the soft white rug and the white suede sectional sofa.

Because of the balance created by the different interior design elements, you’ve got a contemporary den that’s neither masculine nor feminine. This can be a possible interior design style for couples with different tastes who are (thinking of) moving in together, or for long-time couples who just want to renovate their homes.

The Adaptability of Black and White

The black and white combination will always have a magnetism. What makes it even more special is that it can work with different interior styles, from modern, contemporary, minimalist, industrial, Scandinavian, traditional, and so on.


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Number 3: Classic Rustic

Why this particular photo made it to the top 3 is not surprising. This living room is big, it’s bright, it’s warm. It’s also cozy and spacious, and it brings the outdoors and light in through all those windows wrapped around two walls.

This is a family home, and Filipinos are all about family. No such thing as a nuclear family for us. We talk about clans. This house is definitely one that can accommodate a large number of people for social gatherings.

Classic Rustic Suggested Palette

The color story in this room is easy to the eye. It’s basically wood and cream walls. There are modest touches of blue and orange around the room, nothing that jars. The oversized, plump, padded sofa upholstered in a taupe fabric, invites you to not sit formally but to curl up and get as comfy as possible. Imagine having your favorite people around for some relaxing and intimate conversation.

What makes this room stunning is that gorgeous slanted ceiling made of wood planks and beams. It gives the space a rustic and traditional feel. This is a house for keeps where you’d like to nurture and shelter your family.

The Limitations of Classic Rustic in the City

Is it possible to have this kind of home in a city? Yes, definitely! But only if you have a sizable property to build this kind of home. With all the posh, gated communities running out of land, your best chance is to build in the suburbs or in the outskirts of the city. Still, the expansive grounds that this kind of interiors call for are few and far between, and most probably would cost the earth. It’s either you move out of Metro Manila, or adjust your dream.

You still can have that classic rustic interiors even in a small house, a condo or apartment. Here are some photo inspirations for you to consider.


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Cozy Bedroom

Thanks to all the readers who joined the survey! If you haven’t done so yet, please subscribe to this blog for more design tips and paint ideas.


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