Being the heart of the home, the kitchen plays an important role in bringing families closer together and making guests feel comfortable and at home. Like all the rooms in the house, the kitchen is also a reflection of yourself—your personality, style and taste. The ideal kitchen should then not only be fully functional and organized but should also exude a welcoming atmosphere matching the owner’s own warmth and character. 

A touch of color can instantly liven up your kitchen and achieve any look you like. For instance, nature-based colors easily create a calming and tranquil space, while more vibrant hues results in a cheerier and more exciting mood. Check out these kitchen paint ideas you may want to adopt to spice up the heart of your home.

Add Art to Your Home's Heart
Paint your kitchen wall a lively color like this bright cyan, which is the perfect backdrop for these playful colorful cups. The sight is so cheerful that it just shouts, “Welcome, make yourself at home!”
Add Art to Your Home's Heart
Don’t forget the ceiling. While usually left white, the kitchen ceiling can be painted to alter the look and feel of the room. It can either complement that shades of the cabinets, walls and furniture, or provide a stark contrast to the textures, drawing the eye upward or making the ceiling seem lower.
Add Art to Your Home's Heart
Decorate your island cabinet. If you’re having second thoughts about revamping the look of your entire line of cabinets, you can start experimenting with the colors of your kitchen island first. Since it’s situated usually at the center or a more visible part of the room, you can match the color of your island to the accents of the kitchen’s other parts, including appliances, furniture and furnishings.
Add Art to Your Home's Heart
Get creative. As much as possible, you want your kitchen to reflect your very essence, so don’t be afraid to unleash your imagination and experiment with a variety of color shades and combinations. You may also want to try using stencils and playing with patterns to give your kitchen a custom look.

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