Just like you, we love colors that do a lot of heavy lifting when it comes to elevating a space. The Awakening palette from Boysen Color Trend 2024/25 fits the job nicely. Here’s what we mean:

Calm Mind BCT24-7022S

Awakening: Paint Colors for a Simple and Sophisticated Home | MyBoysen

Arguably one of the fastest ways to make a room look more put-together is to enlist the help of neutrals. Too many colors that are not well-coordinated can very easily cause a space to look disorganized. So, sometimes a safe choice is the best choice. In this regard, it’s hard to go wrong with gray.

Gray is a strong neutral if the goal is to have a good backdrop that won’t be distracting or disruptive. It also pairs fine with a wide range of colors while adding a subtle depth where white would otherwise be too bland. Try Calm Mind.

Hazy Dream BCT24-7446S

Awakening: Paint Colors for a Simple and Sophisticated Home | MyBoysen

Certain colors can evoke a more relaxing and soothing atmosphere. In particular, soft cool hues like greens, blues, and purples can affect your sleep for the better. If you’re in need of a good night’s rest—and, let’s be honest, who isn’t these days—a repaint of your bedroom wall could be beneficial.

Hazy Dream is a cool gray with purple undertones. It’s gentle and serene, like the color of the sky at dawn. Try it out to see how it makes you feel. You can get Hazy Dream and the other colors in Boysen Color Trend 2024/25 as 250 mL sample pots at The Color Library.

Golden Hour BCT24-7747S

Awakening: Paint Colors for a Simple and Sophisticated Home | MyBoysen

Bright doesn’t need to mean tacky. Toning down a vibrant color like orange will get you a muted alternative that can impress the most discerning houseguest. Golden Hour can do just that.

Place Golden Hour in areas of the home where you’re looking to invite creativity and a burst of energy. Consider it in the area of the house where you exercise or work, for example. It will also look great in a powder room or even the kitchen.

Soulful Solace BCT24-7209S

Awakening: Paint Colors for a Simple and Sophisticated Home | MyBoysen

If you’re looking for an alternative to white, cream won’t disappoint. Soulful Solace lets other colors shine without being too boring. It’s a no-brainer paint color choice especially if you’re going for a clean and light aesthetic for your home such as Japandi style interiors.

You don’t have to keep indoors though. Soulful Solace and the rest of the colors in this palette can actually be used for exteriors. Get these colors mixed as Boysen Permacoat Latex at Boysen Mix & Match stations and apply on interior and exterior concrete surfaces.

Grounding BCT24-7814S

Awakening: Paint Colors for a Simple and Sophisticated Home | MyBoysen

Have you ever imagined a room with brown walls? It would be fitting for a man cave or a father’s office. A deep chocolate color like Grounding would echo dark brown wood and smooth leather upholstery.

Brown is a color associated with stability and dependability. In a room with brown, one feels a sense of safety and security. It makes sense then why it’s a color closely tied with masculinity.

Quiet Meditations BCT24-7518S

Awakening: Paint Colors for a Simple and Sophisticated Home | MyBoysen

Want to be closer to nature? Fill the greenery gap in your life with Quiet Meditations. It’s a pine green shade that brings refinement to a room. Its deep hue creates a sanctuary conducive for self-reflection and peaceful contemplation.

Use it as an accent color in any room of the home. For the bold, you can consider it for the walls of a room as well. Just make sure the space gets ample sunlight to keep the room from feeling too dark. Balance it out by mixing lighter colors for soft furnishing, home accessories, and décor.

Getting These Colors as Paint

You can get all the colors above at The Color Library as 200 mL or 1 L paint or at Boysen Mix & Match stations in 4 L containers. If you liked Awakening, don’t forget to check out the rest of the palettes in Boysen Color Trend 2024/25. Head to the Boysen Color Trend website to see them all.

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