There are so many hacks in the internet now, like how to put on makeup…and shave off 10 years from your face, as well as 20 pounds from your frame…NOT.

At Boysen, we love beauty and paint…architectural paint, that is.

We checked out a few paint hacks found on the internet to see what works and what doesn’t. Watch Bea try her hand at four internet paint hacks.

Paint Brush Hack

This involves putting a screw on a paint brush so that you could hang your brush on the inside rim of the paint can. You know, just in case you need to do something with both your hands that does not involve painting. Or you have to step away for a bit to rest, or go to the loo, or get something to eat.

This also is a hands-free way to let excess paint in your brush drip into the paint can before you wash and store your brushes when you’re done for the day.

I’ve had my share of DIY paint projects. At first, I would use the paint can rim to wipe of the excess paint on the brush. Try not to do this because when you’re done with the paint job and you would need to close the can, it will be messy.

Plastic Bottle Hack

Such a lot of work for something that would not work, especially if the mouth of the can does not match the circumference of your plastic bottle.

Even if the circumferences of can and bottle would allow for a good fit, the weight of the paint may dislodge your “bottle” when you pour paint out.

Give this hack a skip.

Credit Card Trick

This hack is to be used on a paint roller. Glue a credit card on one end of your roller to avoid painting the adjacent wall when you’re painting the edges of a surface.

This is called cutting-in and we have a much better tutorial on how to do this. Click The Art of Cutting-In to read more about this topic. It is better to use a brush for this task rather than a roller.

Cutting-in may sound complicated but everything should be hunky dory after a short practice sesh.

Paint-Loading Brush

Have you come across an automatic liquid soap dispenser brush that is supposed to make your life easier when you wash dishes? This hack is similar to that. Does it work?

It has a similar problem as the Plastic Bottle Hack. It is so wonky that it would be too troublesome and too messy to use. The traditional way of loading your brush with paint is still the best.

Essential Painting Tools


That’s another video we made for the DIYers among you, so you will know what tools are needed to be purchased if you want a spanking paint job.

Here is another quick tutorial you can read that gives a rundown of essential paint tools.

More Paint Hacks

If you have hacks that work, let us know about it.

If you want us to test more paint hacks, just send a message to, or leave us a note in the comment section below this post.


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