Warm neutral hues like beige or greige will never go out of style so if you don’t want to follow the #teamputi trend, then do explore these shades.

Paint Your Interiors Beige

Over the decades, beige has gone through cycles of being called classical to boring to trendy to blah to stunning. Thank God beige is not a person, otherwise, it would end up schizophrenic.

Paint Your Interiors Beige or Greige | MyBoysen

Now, some naysayers of “boring” and “clinical” white recommend the use of beige for interiors. However, if you love white and you want your interiors to be that color, proceed with boldness. Don’t listen to that design maestro who says that all-white kitchens are out. A few years on, you will notice that all-white kitchens are in.

Like what we always say in this blog, “Your house, your rules.” That includes your choice of colors.

Personally, I find all colors beautiful. I don’t think there are bad colors. I just think there are bad color combinations. Colors are also very personal expressions that judging a person for his choice of colors is just that—your judgement.


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But let’s get back to beige.

Read Trendy and Enduring Neutrals: What to Love About Beige. There are paint color swatches in that post. We are just adding more colors here for your viewing pleasure. Also, the link will enable you to see pictures of inspiring interiors with beige walls, as well as reasons for having this warm neutral in your home.

Think of warm, welcoming, inviting, cozy, comfortable, approachable, easy—just some words that describe the kind of vibe beige exudes.

Paint Your Interiors Greige

Greige is a combination of beige and gray. Designers think the color greige is even more versatile than beige because its undertones are much cooler than the undertone yellow in beige. It can be more easily paired with cool colors as well as warm ones, unlike beige which would look better paired with warm colors.

Paint Your Interiors Beige or Greige | MyBoysen

In our rapidly changing world, where homeowners prefer to alter the look and feel of the home with accessories rather than wall color, greige is an excellent choice.

Greige is sophisticated and elegant. It can work with many different interior styles from the much-beloved Scandi to classical. It projects a soothing look that welcomes us from the chaotic world outside. Greige can look equally good with different wood tones, metals like chrome, marble, and natural fabrics.

It’s really up to you how you want to style your greige interiors. You can make it look monochromatic and minimalist, or you can also make it look playful by adding vibrant colors for your furniture and home accessories.

Explore Boysen Beige and Greige

You can explore the beige and greige colors from Boysen in several ways:

  1. You can download the Boysen app and check out the colors from the comfort of your home. Before buying your paint, make sure to see the actual swatch first in any of our Mix and Match Stations (click on the link to find one that is closest to you).
  2. You can check the beige and greige Colorbooks in The Color Library.
  3. You can get your own Boysen paint color fan deck to see the beige and greige colors available. If ever you want another color, there are more than a thousand color swatches available.

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