For this post, we’ll be giving you bedroom color ideas to spark your inner child, inspired by the dependable sponge friend of every generation.

Are you ready, kids?

Spongebob Squarepants is celebrating its 20 years in the limelight and truth be told, we still can’t get enough of it. Who doesn’t love SpongeBob? And Patrick Star? Who here has never ever thought of stealing the secret Krabby Patty formula? I can’t hear you.

Pantone x Nickelodeon

Spongebob Yellow Pantone Image by Business Wire
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Patrick Star Pink Image by Business Wire
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In commemoration of the show’s two decades of making people happy and bringing out the child in each and every one of us, Pantone, the world’s number 1 color authority, released the official colors of the Nickelodeon classic on June 4.

“Inspired by SpongeBob’s enthusiasm, playfulness, and fun-loving nature, the new SpongeBob Yellow created is a luminous golden hue that reflects the energy of the sun, radiating joy and happiness, and sparking the imagination. Patrick Star Pink, a warm and inviting coral pink is the perfect companion color to SpongeBob Yellow. Spirited and affable, a light-hearted pink hue is ideally suited to the fun and laughter of being with your best friend.” said Pantone Color Institute VP, Laurie Pressman. She added that working with Nickelodeon to create special colors for the two globally iconic characters has been an honor on their part.

SpongeBob Yellow and Patrick Star Pink are the latest addition to the long line of special colors Pantone has carefully curated for deserving partners.

Closest Color Match

Here are the SpongeBob and Patrick approved Boysen Closest Color Matches you can choose from. If you have time, do ask Sandy Cheeks for tips.

Boysen Closest Color Match for Spongebob and Patrick Pantone

Bedroom Color Ideas to Achieve the Bikini Bottom Energy

Your bedroom is your port in a storm. Just like Spongebob coming home to the safety of a pineapple under the sea after a tiring day at work, you too deserve a port where you can be without the responsibilities of adult life. A place where you can drop your hat, pet your snail (or cats and dogs!), have fun, be reckless, and get away with all of it.

Let your inner child come out once you are in your hideaway (or secret hideout, pirate). Paint your walls with the bubbly and zesty shades of the new Pantone special colors. Take inspiration from these bedroom goals:

Yellow Paint Ideas

SpongeBob Squarepants will surely love to hang out with you in this golden hue room embellished with abstract art and sunflowers for that fresh atmosphere that is so cozy to rest in. You can swerve a little bit to the darker or lighter shade of yellow if you prefer, read this to find out the best version of the hue yellow for you.


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Pink Paint Ideas

Make Patrick Star proud and happy by using his own color to brighten up your personal space. Combine it with the classic white furniture for that quiet appeal or go full-on pink for that warm and inviting mood. Ready for your longest and dreamiest sleep ever? Aye aye, Captain!


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It is with the fear of being left behind that we tend to just abandon whatever it is that connects us to our younger selves to embrace the responsibilities of adulthood. That can be cold and calculating. What we forget is that there was a time in our lives when we were careless. However at the same time, we were brave enough to walk without knowing how to. We know now that that is how we learn. And if ever we fail, we also know that we can always start over.

Reconnect with the inner child in you.

“Everything seemed possible when I looked through the eyes of a child.
And every once in a while; I remember,
I still have the chance to be that wild.”
― Nikki Rowe

Not really the bold type? Want something lighter and softer? Too much bedroom color ideas and inspirations cluttering your creative bubble? We’ve got you covered. Take this quiz and we’ll give you a color palette for your bedroom. 


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