Cue in Green Day. As September ends, it’s time to wake up all those who slept their stress and anxiety throughout the entire month. No, we can’t promise a better October but we could at least try to take charge of things that are within our reach. It starts with waking up each morning with the intention of living and not just surviving. Below you’ll see bedroom color ideas and inspirations that might help you come through.

Let the remaining months of 2020 fill up our tank with hope and strength to overcome and thrive.

Sleep In and Wake Up to These Soft and Relaxing Bedroom Color Ideas

Painting your bedroom walls with the warmth of neutrals mutes the outside buzz and helps you sleep better. But to avoid the stuffy feeling, carefully pick furniture that goes well with the colors. When done right, it creates a classic and stylish appeal that’ll never go out of style.

Here we have color ideas for your bedroom that you can try on your next home makeover.

Loft Touch

Bedroom Color Ideas: Wake Me Up When September Ends | MyBoysen

Don’t you just love a space of your own, away from all the hustle and loud television noise? Really, you could rent an expensive unit away from your fam or you could maximize the free space in the attic, if there is such a thing in your home. Or commandeer a room which can be yours and yours alone. Renovate it to your liking, repaint, embellish it with signature pieces, or grow plants. Take the room above as an inspiration. Choose colors that’ll tone down the energy of the day as you sleep deeply. And then wake up feeling refreshed beside your trusty, furry best friends.

Breakfast in Bed

Bedroom Color Ideas: Wake Me Up When September Ends | MyBoysen

What do you think about this bedroom inspiration? Look how the pop of color instantly brings up the vibe and how it balances the neutrals. Bring the warmth of this room into your own and enjoy breakfasts-in-bed (even lunch and dinner) in this pale turquoise chamber. On lazy Saturdays, allow yourself to slow down and be one with your bed. If you feel like staying in the entire day, do it. It’s the only day of the week that you get to turn off your laptop and not answer e-mails.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Bedroom Color Ideas: Wake Me Up When September Ends | MyBoysen

If you have been living under a rock, here’s to let you know that wall mirrors are a thing now. And no, not just as an accessory to create an illusion of a bigger space, mirrors now serve as an aesthetic garnish. Take a look at the comfy bedroom interior above. Look how the mirror adds flair to the neutral colors of the wall and the bed. If it were my room, I’d take thousands of mirror selfies just because.

Also, notice how the wooden headboard perfectly accentuates the white walls and how easily it creates a homey vibe to this Pinterest-ish bedroom. (You can have your friends over for a pajama party when this pandemic ends, and then take each other’s pics for Instagram!) Taking notes from our previous post, wooden furniture and accents add that natural feel and harmonize the living space making it more intimate and closer to home. So next time you redecorate, aside from mirrors, consider getting yourself some wood!

Pinking Out Loud

Bedroom Color Ideas: Wake Me Up When September Ends | MyBoysen

On Wednesdays, you can wear pink. But every day, you can wake up to a pink bedroom. Get inspiration from this feminine bedroom that is filled with all things girly and pretty. Look at that pink night lamp and beddings, oh, and the pink roses in frames! You can even get yourself real fresh flowers if you like, it goes perfectly well with the interiors. Check out how flowers make up for that effortless and sophisticated look in any neutral room. What’s good with pink is that it’s not only visually appealing (especially for me!) but also helps soothe your mind after a long day of work and lulls you to sleep instantly so you could get that necessary 8 hours of sleep.

Tip: Go for a lighter shade of pink for the walls as to not overwhelm yourself and to make it easier for you to add and remove fixtures.

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