Birthstones are gems that are associated with each month of the year. In ancient civilizations, these jewels were thought to possess some sort of mystic power that would bring the bearer forms of good luck. I’m not surprised though. They all look very pretty. Why wouldn’t they bring in some good juju to the wearer? Not all of us might not have the eye (or the cash) to purchase real gemstones, though. But, we can do the next best thing and get some color inspiration from these precious gems for our living spaces. Take a look at the birthstone-inspired boysen paint colors down below!

Garnet for January

Birthstone-Inspired Boysen Paint Colors | MyBoysen

During battles, warriors carried these gems with them as they believed it to be an amulet for protection. In ancient Egypt, people revered garnets as the symbol of life. The origin of the word “garnet” can actually be traced back to mean “seed” because it looks like a pomegranate seed!

Create a cozy safe space in your home by painting your walls with garnet’s brilliant red shade.

Amethyst for February

Birthstone-Inspired Boysen Paint Colors | MyBoysen

The amethyst is a type of quartz that comes in a beautiful purple hue. Derived from a word meaning “intoxicated,” ancient humans believed that having an amethyst with them would keep them from getting wasted during drinking sessions. Hmm…maybe I should give this a try?

But more importantly, amethyst is a protective stone. It is a healing stone that blasts away negative energy and enhances intuitive powers.

Get your color inspiration from people of the past and paint your bar area with a nice purple hue.

Aquamarine for March

Birthstone-Inspired Boysen Paint Colors | MyBoysen

Aquamarine literally means “water of the sea.” It’s commonly used as an amulet for boat safety and luck in fishing expeditions. The ancient Greeks and Sumerians also used aquamarine in their ceremonial and decorative jewelry. As a birthstone, it symbolises serenity.

Bring in that inner serenity by painting your bathroom walls with the birthstone-inspired Boysen paint color of aquamarine.

Diamond for April

Birthstone-Inspired Boysen Paint Colors | MyBoysen

The diamond doesn’t need an introduction. It’s the hardest gemstone on the entire planet. Diamonds come in many different colours such as yellows, pinks, and blues. However, the most popular ones are the white diamonds.  Today, this gemstone represents everlasting love. It’s the gem of choice for engagement and wedding rings.

You can’t go wrong with a clean white background. Accent your space with wooden furniture to warm up the space.

Emerald for May

Birthstone-Inspired Boysen Paint Colors | MyBoysen

The emerald has a lustrous green color. Supposedly, they were Queen Cleopatra’s favorite gems and she had a huge collection of them. The ancient Egyptians not only used emeralds on their beautiful ornaments, but also for their intricate burial ceremonies. Emeralds represent new beginnings, loyalty, and peace as a birthstone.

Be like Cleopatra and bring in some regal green hues into your space.

Pearl for June

Birthstone-Inspired Boysen Paint Colors | MyBoysen

All of the other gemstones come about through extreme volcanic activity. However, living creatures create the “gemstone” for June, the pearl! Instead of being mined, pearls are harvested from oysters in the sea. The Philippines is a known producer of golden South Sea pearls. Most of the pearl farming in the country is located in Palawan.

Pearls are always a classic. Pair this iridescent jewel tone with equally classy statement pieces in your living space.

Ruby for July

Birthstone-Inspired Boysen Paint Colors | MyBoysen

The word “ruby” is written as “ratnaraj” in ancient Sanskrit. It roughly translates to “king of precious stones.” The most expensive variety of this gem is the Burmese Ruby. It’s characterized by its full-blooded color that’s often referred to as “pigeon blood.” July’s birthstone is in a fiery red color that symbolises prosperity, protection, and most of all, passion!

Paint the town red with these birthstone-inspired Boysen paint colors!

Peridot for August

Birthstone-Inspired Boysen Paint Colors | MyBoysen

Peridots have a feisty lime green hue. Ancient Egyptians hailed peridot as the “gem of the sun.” It’s used to protect its bearers from the “evils of the night”. Because of its color, it was often confused with emerald. It is speculated that some of Cleopatra’s emeralds were actually peridots instead. Oh no!

Got a little kiddo who’s afraid of sleeping on his own? Try painting his bedroom with these calming green hues.

Sapphire for September

Birthstone-Inspired Boysen Paint Colors | MyBoysen

Sapphires come in many different colors but it’s widely known for its deep blue shade. The Buddhist and the Greeks used sapphires in rituals to seek enlightenment from the divine. Prince Charles gave Princess Diana a sapphire ring on their engagement. Prince William then used the same ring to propose to Kate Middleton.

Paint your meditation space with the serene color inspirations from your birthstone!

Opal for October

Birthstone-Inspired Boysen Paint Colors | MyBoysen

October babies get the kaleidoscopic opal as their birthstone. The name of these trippy gems originated from the Greek word “opallios” which means “to see a change in colour.” Within these precious opals, there are shades of blues, oranges, pinks, and purples .

Milky whites and the candy-colored shades of blue, orange, and pink are the colors inspired from this birthstone.

Citrine for November

Birthstone-Inspired Boysen Paint Colors | MyBoysen

Like February’s amethyst, Citrine is another kind of quartz. They come in a variety of yellows from pale to golden honey in colour. As you may have guessed, its name comes from the citron fruit because of its lemony colors. Because of its sunny hue, citrine is quite a popular choice for jewelry.

Citrine’s yellow is perfect for spaces that don’t get enough sunlight. It’s like sunshine in a can of paint!

Turquoise for December

Birthstone-Inspired Boysen Paint Colors | MyBoysen

Turquoise is an opaque blue gemstone that resembles the color of a robin’s egg. The Nepalese and Tibetan people consider turquoise as the “sky stone,” believing it to be from the heavens. Admired for its unique azure color, ancient civilizations used turquoise to adorn jewelry, weapons, ceremonial masks, and other kinds of decoration.

If the bright cyan hue of turquoise is a bit too much, try using its grayish streak as well to balance out your space.

More Color Inspirations

Aren’t vibing with any of these birthstone-inspired Boysen paint colors? Check this article out for more ideas using other gems and crystals for your home inspo. Got any questions about paint or life in general? Send us an email at We’re always happy to help!


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