Engineer Kim is back for another episode of PinTanong Videoserye! If you recall, episode 1 tackled repainting walls with paint in good condition. This time he’s teaching you how to fix minor imperfections, like hairline cracks, on concrete walls.

Putty for Your Concrete Wall

It’s best that you have smooth and unblemished concrete walls before you start repainting. Typically, simply painting over imperfections neither fixes nor hides them. So, you will need to do something about them before you pick up that paintbrush.

For those new to painting, putty can be used on minor imperfections like hairline cracks whose gaps are 1mm or less. Think of it as a filler so you get that smooth surface you’re aiming for. Putty is called masilya in Pinoy painting terms and differs from palitada, though a lot interchange and mistake them for one another.

Boysen PinTanong Videoserye: How to Fix Hairline Cracks on Concrete Walls | MyBoysen

Take note, however, that if the crack on your wall is larger than 1mm or is located on active joints like at the terminations of foundational posts and beams, it’s best to consult with a professional as these cannot be fixed with just putty.

Engineer Kim recommends Boysen Masonry Putty for interiors and Boysen Acrytex Cast for exteriors.

Boysen PinTanong Videoserye: How to Fix Hairline Cracks on Concrete Walls | MyBoysen

Here’s a summary of the steps on how to use putty to address hairline cracks before repainting concrete walls:

Step 1:

Sand the surface including the areas with minor imperfections. Don’t skip this step as it will help your new coat of paint adhere to your surface.

Step 2:

Fill the hairline cracks with putty using a painter’s spatula or putty knife. Boysen Masonry Putty has a drying time of 2 hours and it’s 4 hours for Boysen Acrytex Cast.

Step 3:

Spot prime areas the you’ve applied putty. This ensures that you get even shine and color once you apply your new topcoat.

Step 4:

You’re ready to paint with your chosen topcoat!

What’s Next

Keep an eye out for the next PinTanong Videoserye episodes we’ll be releasing. Soon we’ll be going over other construction chemicals you may need for painting on concrete like skimcoat and render.

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Happy painting!

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