Plexibond remains a sought-after Boysen product. It isn’t hard to see why either. Boysen Plexibond is a cementitious waterproofing system that, to put it simply, just works. It’s great at what it does—provided that you use it correctly. To help make sure you do, the Boysen Technical Department has these tips, tricks, and advice for you.

Mix Well and Be Mindful of Pot Life

You cannot apply Boysen Plexibond straight from the container as it must be mixed with Portland cement before use. Add 6.5 to 7.5 kgs of cement for every 4 liters of Plexibond. Do not add water or paint.

Although you can mix by hand, says Boysen experts, the job is made easier with a machine like a power mixer because you want to make sure you don’t get any lumps. It also saves you time and effort if you have a lot of area to cover.

Before and while you work, keep in mind that the pot life of the resulting mixture is only 2 hours. So, only mix what you can use to avoid wasting product. Stir as often as you can to avoid settling. When it comes to consistency, using Plexibond should feel like you’re applying any other paint. You can achieve a smooth finish with a brush or roller and a textured finish with a textured roller.

Boysen Plexibond

On Where to Use It

Here are some areas of the home where you should consider using Boysen Plexibond: firewalls, parapet walls, and concrete gutters. Don’t use Plexibond where it will be submerged in water like ponds and pools.

Boysen experts stress that it should also only be used on bare concrete surfaces. This means you shouldn’t apply it on other materials or surfaces that already have paint on them. If you do want to use it somewhere that already has existing paint, you have to scrape the surface back to bare.

Boysen Plexibond is positive-side waterproofing. This means that it only works as intended if you apply it on the side of the wall where the water pressure is coming from.

Boysen Plexibond: Tips, Tricks, and Advice from Experts | MyBoysen

Always Apply Paint After

After using Plexibond, Boysen experts advice to always apply paint on top. Allowing it to be directly exposed to the elements, like sunlight and heavy rains, leads to a higher likelihood of cracks.

Wait a day after application and pick one of these paint products as topcoat: Boysen Permacoat, Boysen Acrytex, Boyen Acqua Epoxy. For a full list of other paints you can use, click here. It’s not recommended that you use skim coat on top of Plexibond.

If you would like to know more about Boysen Plexibond, Let It B has a lot of info you can check out. This is a good place to start: Frequently Asked Questions About Boysen Plexibond.

For questions and inquiries about Boysen Products, feel free to reach out to our technical team at or call (02) 8363-9738 local 413 to 418 during office hours for a one-on-one consultation.


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