Sealers and primers are essentially the same. They’re both preparatory coatings that seal the surface, provide better paint adhesion, and prepare it for the succeeding topcoat. The only difference is that most Boysen sealers are clear coats while Boysen primers are pigmented.

Deciding which product to choose between a sealer and a primer depends on the aesthetic that you want to achieve, the type of surface you’re painting on, and the paint products that you’re using. For example, if you want to highlight the natural beauty of wood, use a sealer like Boysen Lacquer Sanding Sealer with Boysen Wood Varnishes. But if you want to add a vibrant splash of color to your home, paint your wooden furniture with a primer like Boysen Flatwall Enamel with Boysen Quick Drying Enamel as your topcoat.

Regardless if you use a primer or a sealer, you have to make sure that you completely prepare the surface. Read about surface preparation here to see some easy steps to prepping different kinds of substrates.

Which Boysen Sealer Should You Use?

We made an infographic to serve as your guide to finding the right Boysen Sealer for your painting project. Use this to check if your chosen sealer is suited to the surface that you’re working on and if it’s compatible with other paint products that you’re using.

What Boysen Sealer Should I Use for My Painting Project? | MyBoysen

Boysen Sealers for Wooden Surfaces

Painting wooden surfaces can be tricky because of their natural moisture. In painting, moisture is your enemy. Sealers come in handy because they help seal the porous surface to prevent moisture seepage. Without a sealer, the wood will rot or its tannin will bleed through the topcoat.

Boysen Lacquer Sanding Sealer is a commercial-grade nitrocellulose-based sealer for interior wooden surfaces that don’t get a lot of foot traffic. Lacquer Sanding Sealer helps to smoothen the wood’s porous surface for easy topcoat application. You can use this sealer with gloss or flat lacquer paints.

Check out this article about Boysen Wood Varnishes! It features clear topcoats that are compatible with Boysen Lacquer Sanding Sealer. You can find tips and tricks here as well to help you with the painting process.

Product Highlight: Boysen Wood Varnishes

Hudson Polyurethane Floor Varnish Sealer is an aromatic, two-component urethane sealer that provides good adhesion to its partner, Hudson Polyurethane Floor Varnish Topcoat. You have to use these two products together to make sure you’ll have a durable paint job for your interior wooden floorings.

We’ve written about this duo at length here:

Product Highlight: Hudson Polyurethane Floor Varnish

Boysen Sealers for Concrete Surfaces

For concrete surfaces, the application of a sealer is an extra step in the painting schedule that can work wonders with your painting job. Boysen sealers provide an added protection against moisture to avert painting troubles like blistering and peeling later on. It ensures that you have a long-lasting paint job and helps you save money and time.

Boysen Acrytex Sealer is an acrylic solvent-based sealer for exterior or interior concrete surfaces. Our paint experts recommend that you use this sealer if you live in humid and cold areas like Baguio. Apply it on a bare concrete surface then follow the recommended painting schedule for Boysen Acrytex. Click on the link below to read the complete guide on how to use Boysen Acrytex.

Product Highlight: Boysen Acrytex

Boysen Clear Acrylic Emulsion is an acrylic type of coating that serves as a barrier against dampness on concrete surfaces. It’s usually applied after the primer and before you apply the topcoat. This product is also used to prepare the surface for the installation of wallpapers. As much as possible you want to seal the surface so that the moisture from the concrete will not seep through and ruin the wallpaper.

What will you try for your next home makeover? Paint or wallpaper? Click on the link below to help you decide.

Paint or Wallpaper? That is the Question.

Boysen Products for Your Painting Project Series

Finding the right Boysen product for your painting project is now easier! With the help of our Technical team, we produced infographics that feature our primers, putties, and topcoats. We hope these articles will help you achieve your painting goals. Click on the links below to know more.

A Guide to Boysen Primers

Know your Boysen Putties

A Guide to Boysen Topcoats

Keep learning! Keep painting!

Consult with our paint experts. Send us an email at if you have any questions or clarification about any Boysen products. You can also call this number (02) 8363-9738 local 417 to 418 during office hours.

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