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There’s a specific type of paint for a certain kind of surface. That’s what you always have to keep in mind before you buy any Boysen product. If you’ve been to a hardware store, you’d notice that the salesperson would ask questions about where you’ll use the paint before they recommend a product. Are you painting your outside walls or your kitchen walls? Does your floor or your roof need a fresh coat of paint? Maybe, you’re refurbishing a wooden chair—that needs a specific type of paint too.

No matter what painting project you’re working on, we will help you find the right Boysen products that are suitable for your painting needs. Here, we made an infographic of the different types of surfaces and the Boysen topcoats you can use.

What Boysen Products Should I Use for My Painting Project? | MyBoysen

Did you spot the possible Boysen Topcoats that you can use? Your next step is to know which putty and primer/sealer are compatible with your topcoat. You can find that by using the Choose Your Paint Tool and it will lead you to a product guide. Or if you happen to go to the depot, just read the instructions printed at the back of the Boysen paint can. If you have questions or clarifications, don’t hesitate to ask. Drop a comment below and our team will respond to you ASAP.

Bookmark this article so you can use this as a reference in the future. You don’t have to read the entire thing, just look for the type of surface that you’re working on and focus on that. You will also find links to previous articles about Boysen products and how to use them.

Boysen Topcoat for Concrete Surfaces

Boysen offers many topcoat options for concrete surfaces. You can narrow down your choices by knowing what you want for your space.

If you want extra protection for your home, you can pick Boysen Healthy Home, an antibacterial paint that helps fight bacteria like E. coli and Salmonella and prevents the growth of fungi and mildew on painted surfaces. If you want to create a home where the walls act as an insect killer, then you can apply Boysen BUG OFF all over your walls. If you want an elegant matte finish, we have Virtuoso Silk Touch for your interior walls.

If you own a building (or a skyscraper) and you want to help clean the air, then you can try Boysen KNOxOUT, an air-cleaning paint for your outside walls. If you want a time-tested and durable paint,  you can’t go wrong with Boysen Permacoat and Boysen Acrytex. The choice depends on your priorities.

Here are some previous posts about painting exterior and interior concrete walls. Click the post to read the step-by-step guide for each surface.

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Those paints are just for walls! We have topcoats for concrete floors too. Getting Boysen Acqua Epoxy is a smart choice if you’re giving your home a major floor makeover, including the garage. If you’re looking for its solvent-based counterpart, Boysen Epoxy Enamel can be your option but this paint can only be used on interior concrete surfaces.

Boysen Topcoat for Drywall Surfaces

Remember that different types of drywall surfaces have a specific paint requirement. We urge you to consult with the manufacturer of the drywall first before buying any paint products.

For drywall surfaces like gypsum boards or fiber cement boards, you can use water-based paints like Boysen Permacoat, Boysen Permatex, Boysen Healthy Home, Virtuoso Silk Touch, Boysen BUG OFF, Boysen DECORe Classic, and Boysen DECORe Perlescente.

If you want to know how to paint drywall surfaces, click this post:

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 Boysen Topcoat for Wooden Surfaces

When choosing paints for wooden surfaces, you have to consider the place where you’re going to apply it and the final look that you’re going for.

If you want to highlight the wood’s natural tones and grains, then you should pick Boysen Lacquer products and Boysen Spar Varnish B-58. These paint products have a clear transparent film that will let the natural beauty of wood shine. Read more about Boysen Wood Varnishes to learn how to use it on interior wooden surfaces.

Product Highlight: Boysen Wood Varnishes

Boysen Automotive Lacquer is a practical choice for your kitchen cabinets and shelves. It’s a lacquer-type paint that is used to achieve the Duco finish or the high gloss and long-wearing finish. This finish is loved by many for its durability and easy-clean feature.

If you want color and protection for your wooden furniture, cabinets, and doors, enamel-based paints can be your option. Here’s our DIY-friendly recommendation:

Product Highlight: Boysen Quick Drying Enamel

You can still use water-based topcoats like Boysen Permacoat, Boysen BUG OFF, Boysen Healthy Home, and Virtuoso Silk Touch for wood provided that you use Boysen WoodPrime, a water-based primer for interior surfaces. However, you can only use this on trims and moldings. Our paint experts recommend that you avoid using Boysen WoodPrime in high-friction areas or high-touch surfaces. These include fixtures (kitchen cabinets, cupboards, shelves, and built-in wardrobes), furniture, and floors.

Don’t forget about your floors! If you’re painting parquets or wooden flooring, you can rely on Hudson Timbercoat and Hudson Polyurethane Floor Varnish Sealer and Topcoat.

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Boysen Topcoat for Metal Surfaces

Are you replacing your leaky roof this season? If yes, paint it with the long-lasting Boysen Roofgard to protect it from rust.

If you’re open to exploring other roof paints, Boysen has a heat-reflecting roof coating called Boysen Cool Shades. This roof paint will help you conserve energy and make a cooler home for your family. How does the heat-reflecting technology work? Click the post below to know more about this cool roof paint.

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Don’t neglect your metal gates and fences. They’re the first thing that couriers see. Make it landmark-worthy so that they can easily find your home and deliver you your packages. Paint them with the vibrant colors of Boysen Quick Drying Enamel!

Check out this article that covers frequently asked questions about painting metals surfaces.

Boysen Metal Paints Tutorial

Now that you know the right Boysen products for your painting project, your next step is to find out how much paint you have to buy. Follow this link to know how to calculate the amount of paint you’ll need.

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