With Nelz Yumul acting as the driving force of WeeWillDoodle, the group made their statements, and their impact, known. Using the loud and passionate hues of the Engage palette in the Boysen Color Trend 2019, they proved once again that it is in creative collaborations that one can reveal his true colors. Or in this case, multi-colors.

Boysen Introduces Color Trend 2019 in Interior & Design Manila

For this video, a part of the artwork was executed by a talented bunch of Boysen artists. They were given the task an hour before and they just went for it.

Pooling their bold and youthful energies, they successfully executed the idea of discrete personalities transforming one blank canvas into a single artwork. They decided among themselves how to divide the tasks. After a short discussion, they went about with painting at a brisk pace. Truly, it is only in a collective that we can achieve positive results much faster.

The powerful colors of the Engage palette energized them to move as one, proving that there is strength in numbers. Their awareness of each other’s talents translates to a work of art that is fun and playful.

Artworks in Color Stories

WeeWillDoodle’s work appears in Boysen’s latest exhibition booth called Color Stories. See the other artworks for the palettes ENABLE, ENLIGHTEN and ENCHANT.

Visit the Boysen Color Stories booth at the WORLDBEX 2019 from March 13-17 at the World Trade Center Manila.


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