Meet one of the Color Stories Artists, Joseph Valderrama, an experienced graphic designer and interior designer. He has handled graphic design projects especially in printed media, having worked for a magazine and a number of freelance projects. He currently handles hospitality and commercial projects at architectural firm EUDO.

His portfolio shows his angular constructed images of characters that are not of this world.  Valderrama renders three-dimensional character designs that allow viewers to perceive his character designs from various points of view. He lets viewers see how he visualizes humanity in the digital world.

He pictures in his artwork for Color Stories the life on the grid, showing its fast-paced and dynamic nature. He reveals, “The artwork was inspired by the fast moving technology, but instead of the usual gears and machinery, the overall [picture] leads towards a more visual atmosphere.”

Representing interconnectedness in the virtual world, his creation displays futuristic geometric human figures in a crossing junction. Using the palette Enable, he fills them up with bright neutrals and high-chroma colors that convey the high energy of the characters, wired differently yet united by their singular need to truly understand each other’s perspective.

Boysen Introduces Color Trend 2019 in Interior & Design Manila

Artworks in Color Stories

Valderrama’s work appears in Boysen’s latest exhibition booth called Color Stories. See the other artworks for the palettes ENGAGE, ENLIGHTEN and ENCHANT.

Visit the Boysen Color Stories booth at the WORLDBEX 2019 from March 13-17 at the World Trade Center Manila.




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