Aman Santos is a visual artist, arts professor, and editorial designer. With an MFA in painting and a bachelor’s degree in visual communication under his belt, he effortlessly creates lasting imagery. He has curated a body of work that gives viewers a glimpse into the world of peace and tranquility. Aman said, “All my paintings deal with the concept of peace, that’s why my name is Aman –it’s Sanskrit for peace.”

Aman’s translation of the Enlighten palette emanates a sense of warmth and comfort. His masterfully executed artwork further explores the possibilities of what the Enlighten palette can bring. The shades of siennas, browns, and grays set the right tone for introspection. He shares, “I was given a very modest and very simple color scheme, which was a monochromatic sienna.  From dead browns, to grays, raw siennas and burnt siennas, and this monochromatic theme dressed the figures very well.”

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His creative contribution for Color Stories has his trademark all over it. He explains, “It was with that intent of a person in a ritualistic position, it’s like yoga or it’s like tantric positions of silence and of cocooning. I also placed insects because these delicate creatures also go through a process of metamorphosis where they also find their journey towards their own enlightenment.”  We see the refined outlines of the figures coupled with translucent layers of colors in his painting that perfectly encapsulate the fineness and intricacy of the Enlighten palette. At the center of it all, you’ll find a cocooned man searching for his own enlightenment.

Artworks in Color Stories

Aman’s work appears in Boysen’s latest exhibition booth called Color Stories. See the other artworks for the palettes ENGAGE, ENABLE and ENCHANT.

Visit the Boysen Color Stories booth at the WORLDBEX 2019 from March 13-17 at the World Trade Center Manila.


Yasmin Aguila is a copywriter at Boysen Paints Philippines. Interested in making paints fun and relatable, she produces quizzes and painting ideas for this blog. She claims that she is obsessed with yellow, but she always dresses in black from head to toe.

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