Don’t take work stress home with you—it’s not good for your health! Find the space and room to breathe. Try these tips for a tranquil home accompanied by colors from the Breathe palette of the Boysen Color Trend 2022/23 collection.

Clear Clutter

Colors for Rest: 6 Tips for a Tranquil Home | MyBoysen

Try not to put it off any longer. It’s time. It may not seem like the pile of mess on your coffee table or home work desk isn’t hurting anyone. But trust us, you’ll feel better once they go. Get rid of things that don’t serve a purpose and organize the stuff you want to keep. For things that need to be easily within reach, bins and storage containers with lids are great at hiding clutter and potential eyesores.

Make Space for Calming Activities

Colors for Rest: 6 Tips for a Tranquil Home | MyBoysen

First, find an activity that helps you wind down and let go of stress. No, this can’t be scrolling through your phone. Maybe it’s self-pampering activities like an extra-long shower. It could be having a cup of warm tea and taking your sweet time drinking it. Then, designate a space for it at home, even just a small corner on your kitchen or bathroom countertop. Make caring for yourself a priority.

Reconsider Lighting

Colors for Rest: 6 Tips for a Tranquil Home | MyBoysen

Lighting makes a difference. Harsh lighting, like from exposed white fluorescent tube lights, can quickly feel draining. Letting in sunlight is always best, but sometimes your home just doesn’t get the luxury of having big windows. In situations like this, fake it.

Bulbs in “warm white” instead of “daylight” create a more inviting and calm space. Try to add different sources of light as well. Table lamps and floor lamps add visual interest as well as light up dark corners.

Have Items that Bring You Joy

Colors for Rest: 6 Tips for a Tranquil Home | MyBoysen

The world is full of things that can be displeasing. So, when you’re at home, why not surround yourself with things that make you happy? Now that you’ve decluttered, you deserve to thoughtfully fill the space.

Pick a few meaningful and beautiful objects. Place them where you can see them. The hope is that they brighten your day or warm your heart a little when you catch a glimpse of them.

Care for Plants

Colors for Rest: 6 Tips for a Tranquil Home | MyBoysen

Indoor plants have science-backed health benefits. They improve your home’s air quality, help reduce stress, and boost mental health.

Aside from their positive effects on your well-being, plants have the power to elevate and enhance the space they’re in. Greenery breathes life into the room and makes it more inviting. Lush green plants add a subtle pop of color that won’t look out of place whatever your interior design style.

Get Attuned

Colors for Rest: 6 Tips for a Tranquil Home | MyBoysen

Truly feel rested when you’re at home by attuning and paying attention to your five senses. Notice what you see, smell, hear, touch, and even taste—and importantly, what you can do if any of these are not to your liking.

Sometimes, you don’t want the smell of ulam wafting about when you finally get to sit down after a long day. Would lighting a lavender candle help, maybe? Putting on your favorite tunes can help drive away the sounds from noisy neighbors too. Learn more about this here: Create a Home That Appeals to the 5 Senses.

Hoping you get the rest you deserve! Remember, you can have the paint colors featured above (and all the others included in the Boysen Color Trend 2022/23 collection) mixed at a Boysen Mix and Match station (find a list of locations here).


Jill is a writer on a continuous journey to learn about paint and share them with you, the reader. She has an interest in the technical side of things but also thoroughly enjoys playing with colors. She likes calm greens, quiet blues, and mellow yellows best.

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