Global climate change is happening now. We are, at this moment, experiencing its devastating effects—rising sea levels, intense droughts, declining biodiversity, and severe and destructive typhoons. The situation becomes even more dire for Filipinos. Our country is the third most vulnerable in the world to climate change making the call to do our part for the Earth louder and more urgent than ever.

We all want to help and often the trouble lies in not knowing what to do and where to start. As a long-time advocate for greener initiatives, Boysen hopes to make the task easier with its line of eco-friendly products. This includes Boysen KNOxOUT, the world’s first-ever air-cleaning paint.

How Boysen KNOxOUT Cleans the Air

KNOxOUT was developed by Boysen as a direct response to air pollution from vehicle exhaust fumes, particularly in crowded urban areas. Per the Land Transportation Office’s 2022 report, the number of registered motor vehicles in Metro Manila has reached 3.5 million. In the Philippines, the total is 13.8 million.

Vehicle exhaust is a major contributor to air pollution. The pollutants, composed of nitrogen oxides (NOx) and other volatile compounds, released in the air are harmful not just to the environment but also to human health. At high levels, it can lead to serious respiratory illnesses.

Contribute to Cleaner Air: Boysen KNOxOUT is Paint that Lowers Air Pollution | MyBoysen

Using CristalACTIVE photocatalytic technology, Boysen KNOxOUT is able to help clean the air of these pollutants. When exposed to light and moisture, KNOxOUT breaks down and converts airborne toxins, including NOx, into harmless substances like calcium nitrate and low amounts of carbon dioxide and water.

It’s in this way that one square meter of a KNOxOUT-painted surface can eliminate the NOx from the exhaust of 10 moving cars. This equates to the air-cleaning abilities of one mature tree.

How to Paint with Boysen KNOxOUT

Boysen KNOxOUT can be used on exterior and interior concrete surfaces. This includes the façade of homes and buildings, indoor car parks, and other areas that see a lot of vehicular traffic. Boysen KNOxOUT also comes with self-cleaning, antibacterial, and deodorizing properties.

For primer, you can opt for Boysen EcoPrimer which is suited to both exterior and interior surfaces. For putty, go for Boysen Acrytex Cast for exterior surfaces and Boysen Masonry Putty for interior surfaces.

Apply two coats of Boysen KNOxOUT with a brush, roller, or airless spray. Note that the recoat interval is 2 hours and every 4 liters of KNOxOUT can cover 30 to 35 square meters.

Aside from white, a popular choice among Filipino homeowners, KNOxOUT is also available in six different shades of pastel colors. This paint dries to a flat finish.

Contribute to Cleaner Air: Boysen KNOxOUT is Paint that Lowers Air Pollution | MyBoysen
DISCLAIMER: Swatches may not match actual paint colors.

Boysen KNOxOUT for the Future

Sustainability efforts help ensure the preservation of our planet and its beauty for generations to come. Environmental sustainability protects and preserves diverse wildlife, clean water, and breathable air.

With Boysen KNOxOUT, more of us can contribute to these worthwhile efforts by being more eco-friendly consumers and choosing products that lessen the harm done to our environment.

If you have any questions or inquiries about Boysen products, send an email to You can also call the Boysen Technical Service Department at (02) 8363-9738 local 413 to 418 during office hours for a one-on-one consultation.


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