One of the best things about home design is how much you are spoiled for choice when you are doing home makeovers. With so many design styles, materials, colors, and ideas to choose from, you will have an abundance of inspiration which you can dream about and discover until you spy on THE one which you think is perfect for your home. From tried-and-tested classics to the latest DIY wall design trends, there is no doubt that you will be able to find an attractive home design!

With an excess of options in the market, it can be challenging and overwhelming when looking through all of the possibilities of what your home could look like. This is also true for your wall designs. A wall, being one of the largest surfaces in a room, catches the eye almost immediately upon entering a home. As the saying goes, having a good first impression counts, which is why picking a stunning and refreshing wall design is a priority since your wall color and design can create a huge impact in a space. 

In today’s society where expressing your creativity is encouraged, sometimes even expected, designing your own walls through DIY is not only an exciting challenge but also very do-able. The DIY route allows you to explore and experiment with a whole bunch of different colors and materials that will give you a unique look for each room in your home. 

DIY Wall Design Ideas

Paint roller on wall

Going for a DIY wall design offers a huge number of ideas. You are only limited by your imagination. If you are still struggling with finding the best design ideas for walls, here are some interesting suggestions that will pique your interest and inspire you to craft your own unique designs. 

Patterns and Geometric Shapes

Geometric wall paint design

One of the simplest and interesting design ideas is mixing and matching a set of shapes together on a wall. Shapes can add interest with angles and round corners providing striking and bold elements.

Choosing the perfect shapes can depend on the size and shape of the room as well. Sharp angles and squares provide an illusion of depth, while round shapes provide a warmer atmosphere and a more grounded feel. You can go from a mishmash of sharp angles, or go for a simpler vertical and horizontal shape pattern, which can help make the room feel taller or wider, respectively.

One important thing to remember when choosing the right set of shapes is to make sure not to go overboard with it as having too many shapes can make the design feel cluttered and disorganized. It can only give a disorienting feeling that you wouldn’t want to happen. It is best to stick with a certain shape pattern and run with it for the rest of the room to give it a uniform feel, while still being striking and feeling unique. Or you can just keep it to one accent wall, preferably with nothing in front of it so it stands alone like a piece of wall art.

Creating your own unique patterns is can be a fun and rewarding DIY project. If you want to directly draw the shapes on the wall, make sure you have a steady hand when painting your shapes to avoid smudges. If you are the careful type and want to make sure that that the outlines are sharp, tape the wall outside the shapes. This would be time-consuming but you’ll definitely get your perfect shapes.

Stencils and Cutouts

Female Holding Stencil Outdoors with the Sign

One of the most common and effective DIY wall design ideas is making your own stencils. That’s the hard part.  If that’s too difficult, buy one with the design you like. When your stencils are ready, just position them on the wall and secure with tape. Paint over the stencils and get those patterns on your wall. You will be able to flex your creative muscles if you play with color. The possibilities can be endless when it comes to cutting out your own patterns for your wall, from creating simple shapes to intricately-detailed patterns, depending on your skill level. Ideas can be wide-ranging. Just make sure that whatever design you paint on your wall, this is still very much in line with your interior style.

One advantage of using stencils and cutout patterns is that you will be able to reuse them multiple times, allowing you to recreate the pattern consistently in other walls in the room or somewhere else in the house. You can therefore achieve uniformity in your design.

A good example of using stencils and cutouts in your DIY wall design is creating dotted patterns across the room. This requires some precision and balance in order to make it look clean and organized. Having a pattern makes the work easier and simpler to do.

You can also create multiple stencils and cutouts to create your own themed patterns for each room to give each of them a unique design that could be both refreshing and stunning. 

Animal Patterns

Animal prints and animal silhouettes for wall design

This is a DIY wall design that you can find usually in children’s rooms. But if you want your spirit animal on your wall, this is a good design idea to follow. Just make a more sophisticated or stylized animal pattern and it could work for adults.

For your kids’ room, you can ask your children to  help out in the process by choosing the animals and painting over the animal patterns on the wall themselves! These patterns can range from animal silhouettes to fur patterns that are both simple and really fun to do. The wonderful upside of this DIY project is that you can use this as an educational exercise. Your kids can learn more about the different animals painted on the walls of their rooms.

Good examples of animal silhouettes for kids’ rooms can include giraffes, dolphins, elephants, bears, cats, dogs, or even birds — all of which are appealing to younger kids. Meanwhile, animal fur patterns can include fur from animals like zebras, panthers, or even dalmatians.  The best part about fur patterns is that you can make it look more varied to mimic actual fur patterns, allowing you to make your own unique patterns. This is also a good activity to do with kids to help them learn more about painting and color in general, and animals in particular.

DIY Painted Brick Design

Painted brick design

One of the more ingenious and crafty DIY wall design ideas involves using some tape, paint brushes or rollers, and sponges to create your own brick patterns on your wall. Brick patterns can give off a warm and rustic vibe to your room design, providing an earthy charm that can feel comforting.

Installing real bricks is expensive and time-consuming, not to mention messy. But if you really want one in your home, a good alternative would be to create a faux brick wall using paint. This is not as easy as painting shapes or stenciling your wall. DIY-ing your way through a painted brick wall requires good color sense, steady hands, an eye for detail, time and patience.

It involves making a grid using tape on your wall to match the shape of bricks, then you paint your base color, for example burnt umber for the brick look, or greyish white for the limestone look. After that you can use a rectangular sponge, preferably the size of your brick pattern to add some texture to your faux brick wall.

Mix and Match Color Combinations

Daylight view to complementary red and green colored buildings with chimney. Cozy and calm atmosphere. Green tree in front. Bright blue clear sky. Negative copy space, place for text. Burano, Italy

Sometimes, the best approach to DIY wall design can also be the simplest, which is why mixing and matching colors together can be the most practical and effective approach to take. This provides you with the best platform to experiment and explore. Combine colors to see which combination will make for a beautiful and stunning design. 

With so many colors to choose from, it is best to check out which ones complement each other the most, as some color combinations can cause unappealing aesthetic mismatches that you would rather avoid. It is also a good idea to consult a color wheel to see which combinations will give off the perfect look and feel that you want to convey. Some effective color combinations that work together include red and green (a Christmas season staple), blue and orange for some warm vibes, purple and yellow, or even the classic black and white combination which can work for a wide variety of styles.

Read Choosing Color Combos for Beginners.

To help those who are color-challenged, check out the color palettes made by Boysen. All you need to do is pick out the palette that appeals to you and you can just bring the paint names and codes to the Mix and Match Stations in a home depot closest to you.

Retro Wall Design

Retro radio in striped painted background

This classic DIY wall design aims for a retro feel. It’s Throwback Thursday everyday!  Mine the designs of decades past and give them a more modern aesthetic. From the swinging 60s with its hippy vibe, the glam disco 70s with its glitz, to the bold and modern designs of the 80s, there is a lot of inspiration to go around. 

Going retro can give off that interesting nostalgia that other DIY wall design ideas can’t deliver. If you are looking to try out this design idea, you can surf the internet of leaf through old interior design books and magazines. Don’t assiduously copy the design of the decade you are most attracted to. Just understand the design principles of the time and combine it with the practical elements of contemporary design. 

Nature Inspired Patterns

DIY Wall Design Idea, Monstera leaves pattern background design

Aside from charming and endearing animal patterns and fur prints, another DIY wall idea can be in the form of taking inspiration from nature. From trees to plants, and even tropical fruits, going for a nature-centered approach provides a colorful and refreshing take on your wall design. One of the best ways to make this work is by creating your own set of natural patterns and stencils and using that on your walls. Foliage like banana leaves, monstera, or palm, have been widely used for several years now. They are still in so you can steal this idea and make your own lush garden inside your home. That in itself is a good trick to do for urban dwellings in cities where nature is not so easy to come by.

One of the aims of having a nature-inspired wall design is to provide a calming and homely feel that makes your room a great place to relax and unwind during the day. When it comes to choosing the best colors, green is always a dependable nature color, while the likes of blue, yellow, orange and brown are also great fits as well. 

Read Use the Neutral Shades of Nature to inspire you on the colors you can use for this wall painting idea.

Art Mural

DIY Wall Design Idea
Abstract mural using Boysen paint

Art is all about being able to express yourself and your ideas freely through different media and platforms. One of the best ways to fully express your artistic self is by creating your own beautiful and elaborate DIY wall art murals at home. These art murals can be inspired by a wide variety of themes and subjects that are only limited by your imagination. These murals can take a good amount of time to accomplish, which is why it is best to make sketches before putting it on your wall. This will allow you to revise your artwork as you see fit or tweak details to help you create the best end result that you can be proud of. 

DIY wall murals are products of creativity and love. It is best to give the most care and attention to detail in order to bring these wonderful art pieces to life and provide you with a stunning and beautiful DIY wall design. 

Create and Color Your Own Wall Design With Boysen Philippines

Crafting and painting your own DIY wall design ideas can be challenging, and at times may be overwhelming. But by taking inspiration from some of these ideas, we are sure you will be able to find one that will help you to make your home stand out. 

Wall design is all about creativity and experimentation, which is why using paints from Boysen Philippines will offer you the best color and design experience possible. With thousands of colors to choose from, Boysen Philippines provides some of the best selection of quality paints that will brighten up and add more variety to your home design. Boysen Color Trends gives well-curated color palettes that give the best color combinations for your wall painting ideas. 

For 2019, these color palettes include ENGAGE, a selection of energetic and strong colors; ENABLE, a palette of lucid and vibrant hues; ENLIGHTEN for tranquil pastel colors; and ENCHANT if you have a penchant for luxurious and dramatic spaces.

Start your DIY wall design journey with Boysen today! For more information about our diverse set of color palettes, click here. For more information about our products and services, click here.  


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