Dave is back, this time with a video tutorial on how to easily remove paint and varnish from a surface you’d like to repaint. This is a crucial step in surface preparation that ensures a beautiful paint finish you can fully enjoy.

Boysen Paint and Varnish Remover B-141 is a wax-based paint stripper designed as a preparation chemical for professional use in the repainting of metal, wood, and masonry surfaces. It can be used for both enamel and latex paints. #AllNa.

The application schedule is easy-peasy. If I were you, I’d put on a mask and gloves before you start the procedure though, for comfort and safety.

Apply the Paint and Varnish Remover B-141 onto the painted surface using a brush. After approximately 10 minutes or when the existing paint has wrinkled, scrape off the old paint using a spatula or a putty knife. If the residue has become very difficult to remove, reapply the Paint and Varnish Remover B-141. Wait again, then scrape.

When To Scrape Off Old Paint

How to Tell If Your Old Paint Should Be Removed Before Repainting

You may want to save time and not have to use Boysen Paint and Varnish Remover.  However, it just takes less then 30 minutes to strip your wall properly. Skipping this step may lead to problems on your freshly-painted walls. In the end, you may end up wanting to kick yourself for rushing things when it could have been 30 or less minutes well spent.

Personally, I would take this step to address any existing paint problems. You may even need to fill cracks with putty, or use a chalk blocker if the paint is chalking.

Surface Preparation

It’s always good to be thorough with surface preparation before you begin repainting your surfaces.

Those who use makeup will understand this process. You start with facial cleansing, before moisturizing, priming, and painting your face, right?

Walls also need to be prepared properly before you beautify the surfaces with paint.

Here are surface preparation posts that may be useful for you to know.

Considering Repainting?

Do you want to give your home a makeover? Follow these easy steps:

  1. Use Boysen paint and varnish remover to prepare your surface.
  2. If you see any paint problems on your walls, read this. so you’d know how to proceed.
  3. Finally, click on this link for a beginner’s guide on how to repaint a room.

As Dave said, with Paint and Varnish Remover, stripping paint becomes a breeze. With all the tips you get from this blog, repainting  also becomes a breeze.

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