Carlo watches his Mama closely as she goes about her day in her little neighborhood fruit & shake bar. In Carlo’s opinion, the shack’s glory days have come and gone a long time ago. How will he make it easier for his Mom? How will he attract more customers to drop by and buy his Mom’s oh-so-delicious fruity concoctions? Keeping in mind that his vacation was only for a month, he wanted to do a makeover that would not take up too much time but would create a big impact.

Makeover Mood Board for the Fruit & Shake Bar

Ideas came pouring in from things he experienced abroad, which were further gelled by images he saw on the Internet. He made his Mama a mood board so that she could easily visualize how he wanted to breathe new life into her fruit & shake bar.

Choosing bright, fresh colors to match the delicious fruit juices she was serving was Carlo’s winning theme. Mama was easily won over.

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