In this digital age, a handwritten letter is almost an anachronism. So this Christmas, why don’t you send your selfies with a handwritten note, or even better a handwritten letter, to your nearest and dearest? Watch the video to see how Oliver and Angel made this into a fun mini-event.

You can also go to Refresh Those Good Old Christmas Memories to see how vlogger Oliver made old Christmas balls pretty again.

Handwritten Letters

I remember visiting a childless aunt and uncle once. They were in their 80s and you could see that they were not expecting visitors. But they were so happy when we dropped by unexpectedly. After serving us some food and drinks, she very excitedly collected the Christmas cards that arrived in the last couple of weeks. One she particularly liked was a card from a nephew who lived in the US. He had sent a Christmas card and in it included a photo of the family and a chatty handwritten letter which had news about each family member and how life was in America. It was obvious that she had read that letter many times judging by her familiarity with all the details.

Send Handwritten Letters to Your Nearest and Dearest this Christmas

Handwritten letters were also the way two friends corresponded with each other. They had decided that they really enjoyed receiving handwritten letters which dwindled as the years passed. They knew that sending messages digitally was much easier, faster, and definitely required less effort.  Not for them the efficiency and ease of texts and emails though. They much preferred to get messages written by hand.

Christmas Videos

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If you haven’t sent anyone a handwritten Christmas letter yet, why don’t you give it a try?

Special thanks to Mandaue Foam for allowing us to shoot in their studio and to use their furniture.



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