We’re celebrating Pin-Pin’s birthday this month! Pin-Pin is Boysen’s adopted Philippine Eagle under the care of the Philippine Eagle Foundation (PEF). Back in 2007, Boysen decided to take an eaglet under its wing as a symbol of its commitment to help save the critically endangered species and their rainforest habitat. This November, the same little eaglet is turning 15 years old!

We’re sharing a few fascinating facts about Philippine Eagles to celebrate, spread awareness, and hopefully get more Filipinos to love our National Bird found nowhere else in the world.

Happy Hatch-Day, Pin-Pin: 3 Fun Facts About the Philippine Eagle | MyBoysen

Fun Fact 1: Philippine Eagles have a wingspan of up to 7 feet!

Philippine Eagles are not to be messed with. They’re giant birds of prey which means they feed on meat such as lemurs, civets, snakes, and even monkeys (hence, it’s previous name the monkey-eating eagle). They have a hooked bill and sharp talons that aid them in hunting and catching prey.

Giant is in their description as well because, well, they’re really large birds! The Philippine Eagle has a wingspan of up to 7 feet making it one of the largest forest raptors in the world. Personally, I’m only used to seeing small urban birds that have made Metro Manila their home. A giant bird which can stretch its wings farther than how tall I stand is astonishing! Imagine looking up at the sky and seeing one in flight! They’re powerful and one look at them is all you need to convince you of it.

Fun Fact 2: Philippine Eagles are dedicated spouses and parents.

It’s a one and only deal for the Philippine Eagle. Once they find a mate, they’re sticking by their partner for the rest of their life. That’s loyalty and dedication for you! Moreover, a Philippine Eagle lays just one egg every two years. Both parents spend around the same time rearing their young before producing another offspring.

Some good news: Pin-Pin might also be a mom soon! Pin-Pin resides in the Philippine Eagle Center in Davao City. The center is operated by the Philippine Eagle Foundation (PEF) and is the only Philippine Eagle breeding and rehabilitation facility in the world. Pin-Pin is part of the breeding program which aims to increase the wild population of the critically endangered bird.

As of this writing, PEF and Boysen are eagerly waiting to see if Pin-Pin will lay her first fertile egg. She’s currently busy building a nest in her enclosure! Fingers crossed.

Happy Hatch-Day, Pin-Pin: 3 Fun Facts About the Philippine Eagle | MyBoysen

Fun Fact 3: The Philippine Eagle is on the Boysen logo.

Have you stopped to notice the bird depicted on a Boysen paint can? Yes, it’s a Philippine Eagle! A silhouette of the powerful bird in flight is part of the Boysen logo signifying the company’s Filipino pride and commitment to excellence. Boysen strives always to embody the spirit of the Philippine Eagle to bring quality products and services worthy of the Filipino people.

The Philippine Eagle on the Boysen logo also symbolizes the company’s whole-hearted acceptance of its responsibility towards the environment. Throughout the years, Boysen has taken significant steps to reduce its environmental impact and promote sustainability in the hopes of a greener future for everyone. You can read all about Boysen’s green initiatives here.

Happy Hatch-Day, Pin-Pin: 3 Fun Facts About the Philippine Eagle | MyBoysen

To a brighter future for the Philippine Eagle

Today, the destruction of our rainforests remains a major contributing factor in the decline of the population of the Philippine Eagle. “Unfortunately, illegal logging and irresponsible use of resources have resulted to the disappearance of their forest habitat that brings deathly consequences to the species,” says the PEF.

Boysen is a very proud parent to Pin-Pin. The dream is for Philippine Eagles like Pin-Pin to one day be rid of its endangered species classification—that many will fly free across the skies above vast, lush rainforests.

Happy hatch-day, Pin-Pin!

Donate to the Philippine Eagle Foundation here. For questions or inquiries about Boysen products, our technical team will be happy to assist you. Send an email to ask@myboysen.com or call (02) 8363-9738 local 413 to 418 during office hours for a one-on-one consultation.

Philippine Eagle images in this article are of Pin-Pin and provided by the Philippine Eagle Foundation


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