Opening your windows each waking day allows the morning light to enter your room and provide you with the sunshine vitamin you need for healthier bones. You can’t help but shout “Good morning, Mr. Sun! It’s going to be a great day!” because you know it will be. Unless it’s raining, but that has it’s own charm too.

Windows serve an important role in our homes and so we need to take care of them. Let Boysen help you.

Tutorials like this one do not simply go out the window. Read up and get tips on how to paint your interior frames and trims for casement windows.

First, prepare the materials.

Painting Windows Materials You Need

Painting window interior frames and trims can only take you 2-3 hours if done right so listen up, DIYer.

Prepare the Surface

The key to a successful painting project is really in proper surface preparation. Get your clean drop cloth (old newspapers or cartons will also work), unfold and lay it on the ground where the paint job will take place. You may cover the glass with old newspapers too. This will prevent the paint from splattering all over and will save you time later on during the cleanup. You can paint directly over a previously painted window ONLY if you are certain about the paints’ compatibility. Otherwise, you will have to scrape everything off the surface. This works for both metal and wooden window frames and trims.

If necessary, apply putty on wooden surfaces, meaning on areas where minor imperfections such as holes and uneven surfaces are sticking out, and then sand the surface down until smooth to the touch to help the paint stick better. Wipe away the remaining dirt using a cleaning brush and wipe away your sweat with a towel.

Pro-tip: Sanding in long, smooth strokes brings better results than short, quick strokes.

To know more about the proper surface preparation, read our Boysen series on:

Prime and Paint

Set up painter’s tape around the window frame to get a clear division between the wall and the window, also to protect the wall from unwanted paint marks. Masking tape works just fine if you forgot to buy painter’s tape from your recent hardware visit. Get your paintbrush ready and immediately apply primer on the surface to prep it. Start with window frames and trims from top to bottom followed by window sashes and sills. Keep the window open upon drying to prevent window from sticking. Double-check the type of primer you’re going to use, make certain that it’s compatible with the surface you’re painting on. The same goes for the topcoat. Use an angled paintbrush to easily access corners and hard to reach spots. Wait for the surface to dry before applying the topcoat.

Parts of Window Boysen Painting Tip
“The frame is the enclosure of the window that holds everything together and connects the window to the wall. The sash is the frame around the glass that moves when you open or close the window. It keeps the glass in place. The trim is the molding covering the jambs and head of a window. The ledge at the bottom part of the trim is known as the sill.”

You’re probably running out of songs in your playlist. That means you’re almost done. It’s time to apply the topcoat! Surely, you have decided on the color and the sheen you want your windows to have before starting this project but just in case, here is a list of Boysen products you can use as your final coating. Better if you look up and calculate the amount of paint you will need beforehand as to not waste a can or two.

Follow the recommended painting system for each product (which you can find at the back of every Boysen can) and achieve your desired outcome.

And you’re done. Gently remove the painter’s tape at a 45-degree angle immediately after the paint job so you won’t leave any marks on the surface and clean up the area afterward. Alexa, turn the music off.

Thinking of painting your doors, too? Click here to know how and check out these door painting ideas to get inspired! Welcome each day with a smile on your face and a dose of Vitamin D. Open your newly-painted windows and let the sunshine in!

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