I love to have indoor plants at home, but they don’t survive under my tender loving care. I used to feel so bad when I would throw a brown plant with rotting roots in the trash. But now I’ve found a better way. When they start looking sick, then I give them to a friend who knows how to nurse them back to life. I marvel at people like that! Are you one of them?

If not, here’s a really cute animation from Apartment Therapy with tips on how to treat some indoor plants. I love watching these even though I’m not getting myself plants any time soon.  But maybe the tips would work for you. Watch and learn.

If you think that plants are just decoration, then please watch this. It’s magical! Maybe you won’t look at your plants the same way again if you see that they’re so full of life like us!

Plants mean additional work but they do really add character to your home, and give a very refreshing and friendly vibe to the place.

I wrote a post entitled Succulents and Scandi-looking Black and White Pots months ago and said that I hoped the succulents wouldn’t die on me. Well, they did. I hope your indoor plants fare better.



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