In the same way that the kitchen is the heart of the home, so does its color and style reflect the personality of the owner. Break away from the norm of white and gray walls and choose to be bold with a dab of red. Whether on the walls, trims, appliances or furniture, you will find that the palette not only brings out vivacity and flair but exudes emotions and energy as well. 

Painting the town, in this case the kitchen, red is certainly a good way to make a statement and leave a strong impression. Thankfully, Let it B is here to offer some advice on what colors suit which look.

Hungry for Red

Kitchen Paint Ideas: Seeing Red for the First Time

In the psychology of colors, it’s no secret that red signifies passion and can evoke intense emotions, but did you know that it can also stimulate your appetite? It literally makes you hungry. That’s why you’ll notice that the top fast food restaurants use red heavily in their logos. In the home, however, red does more than just whet your appetite. It can pump your adrenaline and raise your energy levels, stirring excitement and promoting conversations. If you want a sure-fire way to draw people in your home closer together, red is the way to go.

Stay Classic

Kitchen Paint Ideas: Seeing Red for the First Time

History presents red as a symbol for power, wealth and status. It is associated with the rich, the royal and the high-standing citizens in ancient times, and with good reason. There’s just something so appealing and intense about this hue. Think a red Ferrari or a fitted dress. These are definitely eye-catching and sexy, yet classy and sophisticated. The same thing with your kitchen. A darker, classic scarlet or crimson brings out the modernity and elegance in your cooking space, while still maintaining its inviting and homey ambiance.  

Go Retro

Kitchen Paint Ideas: Seeing Red for the First Time

Through the years, red has always been iconic, and it never goes out of style. Spice up your kitchen with a touch of fire engine red accents atop a white or cream backdrop, made complete with furniture and appliances in a matching to brownish hue. When going for a retro-inspired look, dare to be bold and dramatic with your palette contrasts. 

The Many Faces of Red

Kitchen Paint Ideas: Seeing Red for the First Time

Red is already hard to miss on its own. You’d want to complement this palette in your wall trims and accents, furniture, appliances, and even your other accessories. Depending on the shade you use or the desired look you want to achieve, your kitchen can give off an entirely new atmosphere to your guests, plus incite different emotions and moods. 

Being a very bright and bold color, if you do decide to choose red, you’ll only get one chance to get things right. Make it count.

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