Gadgets are so much a part of our lives. A study done on the Philippine market that owns tech devices as of October 2022 shows 99% of internet users use mobile phones, and 61% use laptops or desktop computers.

Another study, this time a global one, shows that the average screen time per day is 6 hours 58 minutes, which is already considered alarming. Where is the Philippines in the statistics?  We are second only to South Africa with our average consumption screen time per day at 10 hours 27 minutes. South Africa is ahead by just 19 minutes.

So before I present more statistics, perhaps it is wise to point out that we have to manage our own screen time! (Talking to myself more than to anyone who’s reading this because YES, YOUR HONOR, GUILTY AS CHARGED).

Laptop Riser DIY

This is one of my favorite DIY projects since we started this blog. Watch the video to see how Bea made the laptop riser.

Bea wanted to show the wood grain used, which is always beautiful because of its organic vibe. But if you want to paint another color on your laptop riser instead of staining the wood, you can do that quite easily. We have thousands of paint colors to choose from. Also, since the riser is a relatively small item, you can always buy 200 mL paint samples. Read this post to find out where you can buy this size of pots.

As for DIY instructions on how to paint wood, watch Bea’s Wood Painting 101.

Where can you download the pattern used? Click Laptop Riser Pattern.

Use Screens in Moderation

In this day and age, it is difficult to stop using gadgets. It is such a part of today’s lifestyle. But be aware, especially if you’re parents, to limit the time you and your kids spend on screens (TV screens, computer/laptop screens, phone screens)..

You can find many studies on the internet about how much time you should spend looking at a screen. The time varies with age ranges too.

Here are some advice from experts:

  • spend 30 to 60 minutes per day on social media
  • avoid mindless scrolling
  • spend 3 to 4 hours daily without screens
  • avoid using screens at least an hour before bedtime
  • for eye health, give your eyes a 20-second break every 20 minutes

The negative impacts of spending too much time on screen are many—back ache, poor posture, depression, susceptibility to Type 2 diabetes, obesity, even delayed learning in young children.

Bea’s laptop riser can ease neck and back strain, and help you improve your posture. Everything else is up to you.

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