Cody is happy with his doggie bed and he thinks life is a ball. Max, on the other hand, seems to be finally getting over her. At least now he plays a sedate game of catch with Cody in his not so messy, but still messy (that’s the Tita vibe in me) living room.

Cody comes back with a shoe and that got Max into thinking what he can do with his old skateboard. In Episode 4 (showing on Friday, January 19), you will see another of Max’s DIYs.

Follow the journey of Max and his dog Cody –
Episode 1
Episode 2 (How to Make a Doggie Daybed)
Episode 3 (Life is a Ball)
Episode 4 (How to Make a Cool Coat Rack)
Episode 5 (It’s Shelfie Time)
Episode 6 (Make Your Own Bottle Opener)
Episode 7 (A Chance Meeting)
Episode 8 (Summary)

CAVEAT: The Boysen Technical Team does not recommend doing this tire DIY for dogs, especially for puppies who may bite the tire.

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