Choosing the perfect color for your nursery is like painting a canvas of love and comfort for your little one! Think of it as creating their very own cozy cocoon where they can grow, play, and dream. Soft, soothing shades can create a calming oasis that’s perfect for nap time snuggles and peaceful dreams.

Awakening Color Palette

The Awakening Color Palette is made up of 6 soothing shades that’s perfect for quiet and calm spaces such as nurseries. Choose any of the 6 calming colors from the Awakening Color Palette below for the best nursery hue for you and your baby.

Calm MindNourishing Nurseries: Soothing Shades for your Baby's Room | MyBoysen

Painting the walls of your nursery with the warm, light gray shade of Calm Mind is like adding a touch of modern elegance to your little one’s space. It provides a versatile backdrop that can easily adapt to any decor style or color scheme you choose. It’s a hue that can grow old with your child.

Hazy DreamNourishing Nurseries: Soothing Shades for your Baby's Room | MyBoysen

Imagine a sky transitioning from the vibrant hues of sunset to the quiet serenity of twilight. That is what the dusky hue of Hazy Dream is all about. It creates a tranquil and soothing atmosphere perfect for promoting relaxation and restful sleep for your baby.

Golden Hour

Nourishing Nurseries: Soothing Shades for your Baby's Room | MyBoysenA color that embodies the beauty of sunrise, the hue Golden Hour feels like a warm embrace. This color captures the essence of optimism and brighter days ahead, creating a joyful and invigorating space for both you and your little one.

Soulful SolaceNourishing Nurseries: Soothing Shades for your Baby's Room | MyBoysen

Choosing a beige hue like Soulful Solace for your nursery is like wrapping the space in a warm, comforting hug. This versatile hue can also become the perfect blank canvas for adding pops of color of playful accents to the space that can reflect your baby’s growing personality.


Nourishing Nurseries: Soothing Shades for your Baby's Room | MyBoysenA brown hue like Grounding can be a nurturing color that evokes a sense of stability and security, fostering a sense of safety and calmness in a nursery. It gives a touch of earthy warmth and grounding energy to the space.

Quiet MeditationsNourishing Nurseries: Soothing Shades for your Baby's Room | MyBoysen

The deep, earthy tones of a dark green hue brings out a feeling of being surrounded by nature, even indoors, which can have a much needed calming and soothing effect on both babies and the parents alike. Try the rich, dark green hue of Quiet Meditations for your nursery.

Boysen Color Trend 2024/2025

The Awakening Color Palette is from the Boysen Color Trend 2024/2025 collection. Aside from the Awakening palette, we have the color palettes of Alchemy, Artistry, and Abundance. All 24 colors from this year’s trends can be mixed in both Permacoat Semi-Gloss and Virtuoso Silk Touch. For painting nursery walls, it’s best to go with Virtuoso Silk Touch. It’s a water-based interior paint that’s super low in odor and VOCs. Not only that, it’s formulated to be antibacterial and easy to clean as well.

Paints and colors aren’t the only consideration when it comes to setting up your child’s nursery. Check out the article below for our nursery guide.

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Some Final Notes

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