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Asking for a small clarification only. Can I use Boysen Plexibond on my concrete slab? It’s a roof deck for now then I’ll be building the second floor of the apartment after a year.

Thanks, and looking forward to your response!

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Hi as well, Boysen User B!

Thanks for your message.

Yes, you can use Boysen Plexibond on concrete slab for your roof deck! With that said, you will also need to follow our recommendations to ensure it functions as intended and becomes an effective cementitious waterproofing system.

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First and foremost, here’s what you need to know: Boysen Plexibond cannot be left exposed on its own to the elements. You will need to apply a mortar or concrete topping, especially because it will be used for your roof deck where it’s sure to get rained on. If you don’t do so, your Plexibond will deteriorate faster than it should. On top of the Plexibond coating, you can paint it to give it an extra layer of protection.

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So, let’s go over it step by step. For horizontal applications of Boysen Plexibond, such as for use on roof decks, apply with a brush or textured roller 3 to 5 coats of your mixture—that’s 6.5 to 7.5 kgs of cement to 4 liters of Plexibond. Let this dry for at least one day.

After the drying period, apply one coat of just pure Boysen Plexibond straight from the can. This is called the bond coat. While this bond coat layer is still tacky or sticky, apply a mortar or concrete topping. You cannot skip this step! Plexibond is an effective waterproofing system, no doubt, but only if it’s used and applied correctly. This is an essential part of it.

You can also choose to install tiles or apply paint on top of the concrete topping. For paint, we recommend Boysen Acqua Epoxy as it can be used on concrete floors such as roof decks. Remember to follow the painting system for it as well. Learn more about Boysen Acqua Epoxy including product details and application instructions here.

Good luck. Hopefully you can get it done soon before more rains come!

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