Peach Fuzz is Pantone’s Color of the Year 2024, and Berry is Etsy’s.

We’ve written about Peach Fuzz in this article below.

Peach Perfect! Here’s How to Paint with Peach at Home

Etsy’s Color of the Year 2024: Berry

Etsy is an e-commerce platform for mostly handmade crafts. It was founded in the US in 2005 and since then, has evolved into a global marketplace.

I know a few people who prefer to buy from Etsy because they are looking for creative and unique goods.  For Philippine products, you can visit this page. Curious? Check out the link to see what our kababayans are making.

Global Etsy came up with their own color of the year for 2024 and it’s called Berry.  It’s deep, saturated, and intense. Compared to Peach Fuzz, Berry is definitely an audacious take on what the color of the year for 2024 is.


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Peach Fuzz or Berry?

This question would not even be asked if you prefer neutrals, like most Pinoy homeowners.

If you compare the two, it is understandable to think of Peach Fuzz as something much easier to consider because it is light and airy.

On the other hand, Berry is more vigorous and assertive. If you are someone who likes soft landings and a more gradual exploration of color, it may be difficult for you to go for Berry. But if you are bold and brave and up for an adventure, pick this.

Peace Fuzz would look great in a modern home, and would give it a sophisticated and serene vibe. Berry, on the other hand, has such a romantic and feminine aesthetic that it would fit the home of someone who has creative tastes and who has the self-assurance to show her unique style.

Boysen Paint Color Matches

If you are thinking of repainting your home this year and you’d like to be on trend, here are some paint swatches from Boysen that you could consider.

Pantone's Peach Fuzz | MyBoysen

Pantone's Peach Fuzz | MyBoysen

It would be foolish to follow interior design trends slavishly. So if you intend to change the color of your interior surfaces, then expect it to last for years. Unlike cosmetics or fashion, many Colors of the Year may have passed when you’re ready to repaint.

A way to experiment with color is also to get furniture in the color you want. But since that too is a big-ticket item, I suggest something small, like throw pillows or tea towels.

What I’d do though, if I’m really in love with the color, is to paint the hue on an accent wall, a small one.

Etsy's Berry | MyBoysen

Etsy's Berry Color of the Year 2024 | MyBoysen

With Barbie racking up a string of wins in the movie world, this could be Berry’s time. It’s a grown-up version of the Barbie pink, and could make your interiors cozy and welcoming.

After the lockdowns and the huge changes this world has been experiencing, Berry aficionados may be selecting this color to bring in an undeniably romantic finish to their homes.

Inviting, relaxing, and warm—far from the chaos of the world—romanticizing life is a great way to manifest your  beautiful dreams.

Use the Boysen App

Not convinced?

You can try out the paint color swatches by using the Boysen App. Use the Visualizer by “painting” a color in a photo of your interior space.

The Boysen App is free and can be downloaded via the App Store for iOS users and the Play Store for Android users.

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