Last year , we came out with Pinterest predictions for home trends. We talked about 5 trends: 1) showers, 2) hipstoric home, 3) happy paint colors for the home front, 4) mush-rooms trend, and 5) rainscapes.

Pinterest Predicts 5 Trends for the Home

One year later and here we are to talk about Pinterest home trends for 2024.

What I like about Pinterest trends is that they have extensive data to back them up. They have nearly 500 million users who use the platform, with about 40% of its users coming from the United States.

Gen Zers and Millennials use Pinterest as inspiration and as a guide before shopping.

Pinterest Home Trends for 2024

Here are what’s trending in the Pinterest platform for this year.

1. Tropical Escapes

I love this style because we don’t have to go far. We’re already here in a tropical paradise. The kind of furniture and home accessories that are needed for such a style are all right here in our beautiful islands.

The feature image also reflects the tropical vibe.

We have written articles that would help you create this style in your homes, Here’s a list of posts that can get you going:

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2. In-Home Spa Experiences

Similar to last year’s trend of people wanting the spa experience at home, the interest continues this year. According to Pinterest, “bodycare will have a major moment in 2024.”

Skincare routines, body lotions, serums, moisturizers, etc. are sharing the limelight. We see the sprouting of many suppliers in social media for such items, not only from foreign suppliers but also from local ones. Some people, however, make their own concoctions. Just be careful about the recipes you find in the internet. Check and double check the authors.

Here are articles about how you can make your bathrooms  look like home spas:

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3. Jelly Joy

Whereas last year’s flavor was for mushrooms, now people are going for jellyfish. From fashion to beauty to home decor, Millennials are pushing for the jellyfish aesthetic in their homes.

Jellyfish designs can be found in lamps, furniture, or wallpaper.

4. Aquatic Architecture

Gen X and Millennials seem to be drawn to the underwater world, and they bring the watery panoramas and sea creatures into their homes through decorating their living spaces with small (or wall) aquariums and turtle terrariums. They install wallpapers with dreamy landscapes of marine life.

The jellyfish craze fits right in.

5. Upcycling

Boomers and Gen X are leading the way in upcycling in 2024. From T-shirt scraps or scrap wood turned into furniture, or other things needed in the house like upholstery, rugs, blankets, wall decor, etc.

Crafters, create!

We’ve got loads of DIY crafts waiting to be discovered in our YouTube channel. Visit today and subscribe so you will get first dibs every time a new video drops.

6. Kitschy Kitchens

Pinterest is full of kitchens that just burst with colors. They’re a maximalist’s dream, taking inspiration from different styles. Retro, funky, vintage, antique, boho influences abound.

Here’s a pastel house in Scotland that fits right in.

It’s surprising to me that Gen X and Boomers are pushing this trend. Gen Z must be influencing these generations. As Pinterest says, “This year, Gen X and Boomers will spruce up their cooking areas with thrifted finds, vintage appliances and jarring pops of paint.”

Read this post about the Gen Z aesthetic.

7. Cafécore

Young. Not so young. Old. Many seem to be on the bandwagon in the worship of coffee.

I’ve been through the first wave of coffee. Second wave. Third wave. Fourth wave. Fifth wave. And now, it seems we are in the sixth wave. This is all getting oh so complicated. Not even drinking several cups can fire up my brain to completely follow the waves.

In any case, people are wanting coffee stations at home. We even made four videos about it a year ago. Watch this playlist.

8. Western Gothic Style

Western Gothic interior style is a “mix [of] vintage Americana chic with deep, moody 
hues,” says Pinterest.

This look is definitely a far cry from what we’ve seen so far with the interior styles we’ve discussed here in the blog—Scandi, Japandi, coastal, Avant Basic, Modern Classic, etc.

Western Gothic is a fusion of the raw and rugged look of the Wild West and the dramatic allure of Gothic Architecture. Colors are deep browns, midnight blues, and dark charcoals. These remind me of man caves, except for the Gothic twist to be found in wrought iron fixtures, elegant chandeliers, and arched doorways.

Dark colors create drama and mystery. If you’re ready for this vibe, do explore the Western Gothic style. Your home will definitely stand out in this country.

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