I wrote about Pinterest’s 2023 trends for the home, where the hipstoric home was mentioned. Hipstoric style is the marriage of vintage and modern, the coming together of old and new. Some of the words that define this aesthetic are vintage, retro, pre-loved, antique, eco-conscious, eclectic, upcycled, and authentic.

This reminds me of the interior style boho chic that I wrote about in 2018. It’s an eclectic style that has bohemian and hippie influences, and that mixes old and new items from different countries. One of the favorite materials used for home accessories are the tropical weaves that are bountiful in the Philippines. Even pendant lamps have woven shades using materials like bamboo, sisal, sea grass, or abaca. Speaking of lights, the capiz shell lamps in updated forms are also now back in fashion.

Elements of a Modern Filipino Home

Another inspiration for the hisptoric style is the post above on the modern Filipino home. Solihiya is a favorite material for furniture and small home accessories like trays and napkin holders. Combine this with modern cement wall finishes that can be achieved using Konstrukt skimcoats and renders.

Where to Source Local Products

That’s the beauty of designing a Filipino hipstoric home. It is fairly easy to get beautiful home products. Raid your parents’ or your ancestral homes, and ask nicely if you find a piece you’d like to have. Pay for it if you can afford to. And don’t be greedy—leave some for your cousins and siblings.

If there are no heirloom pieces to be had, go to pre-loved shops. If you’re in Manila, Bangkal in Makati comes to mind. There are many more, like Ilalim ng Tulay sa Quiapo, Dapitan, and surplus stores. If you live in other areas in the Philippines, give us some tips in the comment section below.

A Filipino Hipstoric Home | MyBoysen

Want something new? Let your fingers do the walking and just google. Try the many exporters who now sell also locally. If you find the prices too expensive, visit the many local suppliers that use materials like from sisal bamboo, rattan, habi, etc. There are so many beautiful merch just waiting to be picked.

Wanna see the goods in person? Try home sections of malls, also IKEA, if you want to score something fairly easily, which are within a reasonable price range.

Or if you live in the province, take a weekend to go around and see if you can score some nice pieces from rural homes. There are actually many entrepreneurs who do this. They source from rural areas, bring the goods back to the city, refurbish them, and sell them at a good price. If you are fond of treasure hunts, this can be an enjoyable weekend activity. You cut out the middle man. But please don’t negotiate too much. Share your blessings with those who may have to part with something that have sentimental value to them.

Fresh and Relaxing Home

You can have a stylish, fresh and relaxing Filipino hipstoric home quite easily. The best thing about this interior style is that sourcing of furniture and home accessories are easy. More than that, you don’t have to break the bank to be on trend…although being on trend is not that important, imho.

The challenge would be not to go overboard with the local stuff, unless that’s the look you’re aiming for. Better not to look too thematic, even if you are dressing up your farm or beach house.

Keep the look current by mixing it with other modern materials like bare concrete, stone, marble, metal, or glass.

Beautiful Near-Neutrals for a Relaxing Home

When choosing colors, go for near neutrals like those found in the post above. And for a maaliwalas look, click on this link to get some tips.

There you go, lots of inspiration to make yourself a trendy hipstoric home, Filipino style.

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