Probably the hardest step in painting is the maintenance. You work hard on your project only to be met with the tedious responsibility of keeping it clean and fresh just so you wouldn’t have to repaint earlier than you should. But sometimes life gets in the way and you forget all about it, that’s where Boysen comes in. Don’t panic, we have a paint that would make things easier for you.

Product Highlight: Boysen Wallguard

Boysen Wallguard is a water-based, acrylic paint that provides your walls with a long-lasting fresh look while persistently resisting dirt, smog, and mildew, so you would need lesser effort in cleaning and maintaining it. This water-based coating also helps prevent fading, cracking, and peeling. This paint can withstand exposure to different types of weather, which makes it the perfect paint to cover your exterior walls with.

Boysen Wallguard’s Claim to Fame

See Boysen Wallguard’s claim to fame for a quick roundup of what the product can deliver.

Product Highlight: Boysen Wallguard

How to Use Boysen Wallguard

Like in any other painting projects you’ve worked on before, to ensure a successful paint job, you must prepare the surface to be painted prior to priming. For new concrete surfaces, wait for 14-28 days curing time and then clean the walls thoroughly afterwards. For previously painted walls, check if there are existing painting problems and fix them first. If none, proceed to repainting, but only if you’re sure that the previous paint is compatible with the new coating. If not, scrape everything off the wall. For more precise step-by-step instructions, read these posts by clicking the links below:

Surface Preparation: New Concrete

Surface Preparation: Repainting Concrete


Moving on to the actual painting process, use Boysen Permacoat Flat Latex B-701 to prime the surface and to make sure that the topcoat adheres strongly to the wall. For minor imperfections, use Boysen Acrytex Cast B-1711. You may also use Boysen Acrytex Cast to create texture by applying it with a mortar gun spray. (Research on how to use mortar guns properly or ask a professional if necessary.) Now onto the final coating, apply at least two coats of Boysen Wallguard B-5715 with an hour interval in between coats. Follow these steps and you’ll get yourself an elegant and properly protected wall. With emphasis on the latter, Boysen Wallguard effectively resists dirt that rain can easily wash off any impurities.

All joking aside, although the paint itself is resistant to dirt, periodic maintenance is still needed depending on the environment you are in. 

Just a reminder, since it is water-based, no thinning solvent is required to adjust the viscosity of the paint. We suggest you use it as supplied but if necessary, thin the paint with not more than ½ Liter of clean water per 4-Liter can. Water also serves as your clean-up solvent once done.

Available Colors of Boysen Wallguard

Boysen Wallguard comes only in one color so you’ll have to use tinting colors to attain a different one. Use Boysen Latex Colors at a maximum level of ¼ Liter per 4-Liter can of Wallguard to achieve pastel shades while for darker colors, we suggest you use factory-mixed. Take note: do not use B-1466 Hansa Yellow and B-1407 Toluidine Red for exterior applications.

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