BOYSEN Elasti-kote is a 100% acrylic, water-based elastomeric wall paint. It has superior crack bridging ability due to its excellent elongation and tensile strength. It covers hairlines cracks and crevices and prevents the emergence of unsightly efflorescence. Ideal for exterior concrete surfaces, it provides good waterproofing and protection for high-rise buildings. As a well-formulated acrylic elastomeric paint, it is also UV resistant and has excellent weatherability.

Why Elasti-kote?

When should you consider using BOYSEN Elasti-kote? As a disclaimer, the specs and qualities of Elasti-kote might be a little too advanced for regular home repainting projects. For those types of endeavors, we suggest going for either Permacoat or Acrytex depending on your needs. Elasti-kote is formulated for high-rise buildings. If, by any chance, you have several high-rises in your real estate portfolio, consider using Boysen Elasti-kote when you have them repainted! For this product in particular, it’s advisable to get a BOYSEN-accredited painting contractor to do it for you.

Let’s Get Technical

BOYSEN Elasti-kote was formulated to withstand the harsh conditions of the outdoors. To make sure it can provide superb protection for building exteriors, it’s made up of 3-components: Sealer, Basecoat, and a Topcoat.

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One thing to point out here is that there are no readily available colors or swatches for Boysen Elasti-kote. All colors should and will be factory-mixed. To avoid paint failure, please don’t use our Latex Colors to tint this product .

Surface Preparation

BOYSEN Elasti-kote is applied on exterior concrete surfaces. These substrates are prepped like any other concrete surfaces. Here’s a refresher.

Let new concrete applications dry for 14 to 28 days under normal weather conditions (not stormy!) prior to painting. The surface should be clean and dry, free from oil, grease, dust, dirt, contaminants, and other loose grit and mortar. Should the concrete substrate need to be neutralized, treat the surface with a solution of 1 part BOYSEN Masonry Neutralizer diluted in 16 parts water. Apply the mixture liberally using a brush or roller and let it dry overnight. Thoroughly remove the white crystals that may form on the surface by rinsing them off with water. Let the surface dry again before painting. If the concrete has been cured for more than 28 days, there is no need to neutralize.

For repainting concrete with chalky old paint, use BOYSEN Chalk Blocker as surface conditioner. In case of mildew infestation, brush the area with a bleach solution of 1:3 laundry bleach to water, respectively. To ensure proper treatment, let it stand for 24 hours before cleaning off the residue.

Painting Schedule

Product in Focus: BOYSEN Elasti-kote | MyBoysen

As you can see from the guide above, there are several painting schedule options to choose from for Boysen Elasti-kote. The main difference between the two is the use of fibermesh matting. So, what are fibermesh mattings for? Older buildings tend to have a lot of hairline cracks appear after a while, the use of fibermesh matting reinforces the crack bridging ability of Boysen Elasti-kote. This can also be an option for new buildings as the use of fibermesh matting helps prevent the appearance of hairline cracks over time.

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