After the celebrations during the holiday season, create a quiet and peaceful home to greet 2022.

This may be the first working day of the year but we can always guard ourselves against stress by being intentional about the energy we bring into this day, and hopefully setting the tone for how life will be for us in the coming year. How do we do that? By not rushing with our morning rituals. By focusing only on one thing at a time and not multitask.

Did you know that multitasking was coined in a 1965 IBM report that talked about the capabilities of its latest computer? Then somehow this term was used to describe people and became a mantra for the busy, successful types, like it was a badge of honor.  Multitasking is so passé, and if nothing else, this two-year old pandemic should have taught us by now that life is too short to be caught up with the notion of busy. Busy is not effective. The busier we are, the more the quality of our work decreases, along with quality of life.

Just like negative space makes interiors and exteriors more appealing and balanced, so do periods of quiet and calm throughout our day bring a similar perspective to life.

Quiet and Peaceful Colors

Pantone chose PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri as the color of the year 2022 as a symbol of the transformative times we all are going through.  This blue color with violet red undertones “encourages courageous creativity and imaginative expressions.” Read about the Boysen’s close color matches for Very Peri.

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In gemology, the color that Very Peri brings to mind is amethyst. Its shades are often in the violet or purple color range.  Amethyst symbolizes calmness, spiritual healing, and wisdom. Many who believe in the power of semi-precious stones recommend sleeping with an amethyst under the pillow, or putting this in the bedroom.

If you don’t have this stone, then you can introduce this color into your home by painting an accent wall with it, or using home accessories like throw pillows or other home decor that are in this gentle blue hue. To complement this color are other soft, light, gentle, muted shades that you will find in this mood board.Let It Be a Quiet and Peaceful Home to Greet 2022 | MyBoysenCalmness + creativity is a winning combination to bring into this year with its expected changes and uncertainties. It seems that we have been called upon to transform ourselves into more resilient beings to be able to take on the transitions ahead. This brings to mind what one of my favorite Stoics said:

It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters. —Epictetus

Check Out Boysen’s Close Color Matches to Very Peri

If you want to explore the Boysen shades of Very Peri, visit The Color Library at the newly opened MOA Square. Or you can also go to a Boysen Mix and Match Station nearest you. Check the locations here.

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