If you want to waterproof your home, you need Bond, Plexibond! Our social media manager always receives questions about Boysen Plexibond so we figured maybe you can learn by heart how and where to use Boysen Plexibond by taking this quiz.

Remember this important fact: YOU CAN’T USE BOYSEN PLEXIBOND ON ITS OWN. This product is a specially formulated water-based acrylic polymer designed for mixing with Portland cement. It’s not a stand-alone product. Keeping that in mind, we bet you’ll never get a zero!

Don’t leave it to luck. Read this article first before you answer anything.

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If you’re planning to waterproof your home, what should be your first step?

Waterproofing your home needs a lot of work and expertise. They can properly identify the source of the water seepage and deal with problems like cracks or leaking pipes first before the application of waterproofing systems and paint.

To prepare the Plexibond mixture, what do we add to it?

To prepare the mixture of Boysen Plexibond and Portland cement, start by slowly mixing 6.5 - 7.5 kilograms of sifted cement to four liters of Boysen Plexibond. Then, constantly stir the mixture either manually or with an electric mixer to prevent lumping.

True or false, you can use Boysen Plexibond on its own.

FALSE! You can't use Boysen Plexibond on its own. It's not a stand-alone product. You have to mix it with Portland cement.

How long is the working life or workability of a Plexibond mixture?

The Plexibond mixture's workability is 30 minutes. It's important that you carefully plan your approach and prepare the right amount of mixture since you have to use the mixture within 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, you'll notice that the mixture starts to thicken and it's harder to apply it smoothly on the surface.

True or false, you can apply Plexibond on previously painted surfaces.

FALSE! You should not apply Boysen Plexibond over a previously painted surface because the Plexibond mixture (acrylic polymer and cement) weighs heavier than the usual coating. You should always apply Plexibond on a bare concrete surface. If you want to use it on painted surfaces, you have to scrape off the old paint and prepare the surface properly before applying Plexibond.

True or false, Plexibond can cover hairline cracks but can't bridge gaps and active structural cracks.

TRUE! Plexibond's cementitious coating can only cover hairline cracks but it can't bridge gaps and active structural cracks. If you spot major damages, call a professional.

True or false, you can use Plexibond for swimming pools or ponds.

FALSE! You should not use Plexibond on submerged areas like pools and ponds due to the subjectivity of its use and exposure. This waterproofing product is made for a bare concrete surface like firewall, ledge/canopy, concrete gutter, or parapet wall.

All of these Boysen topcoats are compatible with Plexibond except:

No, you can't use Boysen Oil Wood Stainit's made to enhance the natural beauty of wood.

We recommend that you paint the surface after applying Boysen Plexibond for maximum durability and added protection. The topcoat will serve as the first line of defense against the rain. You can use Boysen Permacoat, Boysen Wallguard, Boysen Acrytex, Boysen Acqua Epoxy, Boysen KNOxOUT, Boysen Roofgard, or Boysen Cool Shades.

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Flex your Boysen Plexibond knowledge!

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